Zero Defect Sampling Plan Standards


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I've combed the internet and the cove and can't seem to locate the answer I'm looking for.

I looked through all of ANSI 1.4 and couldnt find a sampling plan for zero defects.

Most of the charts allow for some parts to be found as failures but still accept the lot. The problem is if I just say only accept on zero is the sample size would be larger than necessary.

Is there a standard out there for a zero defect inspection chart?

Thanks in advance.

Mark Meer

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Not sure what you mean by "a sampling plan for zero defects". Do you mean that you want to be confident that there are zero defects in a given lot?

The only way to do this is by 100% sampling.

You say that an accept on zero (even with a low-risk verification level?) is still too large a sample size?

How do you expect to arrive at a high degree of confidence that there are "zero defects" without large - or 100% - sampling?
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Mike S.

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I think you are asking about what is known as C=0 sampling plans. There are threads on here about this. Also look up ASQ H1331 or Nicholas Squeglia's Zero Acceptance Number Sampling Plans.


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I use Squeglia's "Zero Acceptance Number Sampling Plans - Fifth Edition" you can get it from ASQ
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