Zero to certification in 6 months!



I was told about a year ago that I had to get a new company certified for quality, safety and environmental ASAP.
We started in April. Had our stage 1 in July. Had 4 major NCs from that - audits and management reviews not done, most of the procedures still in draft form etc.
We had our stage 2 yesterday. Auditors were very impressed and are recommending us for certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AS 4801 and OHSAS 18001.

Had a great GM to work with. He was totally on board and quick to fix up anything that needed fixing.

I wish every manager were like that.

And of course, :thanks: to the fantastic people here. I've learned a lot from you guys.


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Re: Zero to certification in 6 months!!

Congratulations. Please let me be the first smartass to say " And now it REALLY gets interesting ", or something of that nature. Again, congrats.


That is awesome! We went from zero to certification in 6 months 3 weeks and it was brutal, but I'm prouder of that than anything else in my career and I work it into conversation obnoxiously often. I try to stop myself, but my family is under instructions to make sure it's mentioned during my eulogy when the time comes.

And what normzone said, now it gets interesting. Enjoy it and rest on your laurels for 5 minutes and then start endlessly worrying about maintaining and improving. :)


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Congratulations! Now my question is, will your organization be able to sustain and improve the system without having you play rescuer all the time? You don't want to be a quality system victim, right? :agree1:

Ajit Basrur

Covegratulations Frankie11 on a well desrved implementation. As Jan mentioned, the next challenge is to maintain the system.

All the best :agree:


I don't actually work for this company - their owner also owns the company I work for.
So maintenance is very much out of my hands. :agree1:

I'll just continue to do audits and provide advice and assistance where necessary.

I think they'll be fine, very strong management commitment.

Thanks for the replies.
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