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Process Capability and Process Improvement
Three Flash Files
Histogram and Fishbone Analysis
Taguchi Loss Function
Process Loop
Deming. PDCA
Courtesy ofJukka Huhtiniemi's The Red Road! (Long Gone... :( )

Good Resources

Debate of the validity of Six Sigma

Deming's 14 Points

The Deming Electronic Web Site

Baldrige. vs. ISO 9001
An Alignment Matrix

Baldrige Criteria

All the Information Mucho Links! In the World!

This is the 'requisite' links area, Plus.... Oldies But Goodies from a few years ago...

A Few Other Interesting Links!

EVOP Tidbits
Also see this Thread
. Evolutionary Operation of Processes
A nice site which focuses on (you guessed it) Line / Equipment Change Over
Total. Quality Management
Some Excellent Information
Bull**it Bingo!
Camp. Tosebo
(Originally Todds. Seminary for Boys)
The Former Summer Camp
Check Your Clock
(Takes a Minute to Load)

Registrar and Auditor Differences
Preclude Definitive Answers to Many Questions...

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