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Standards Bodies and Specifications

October 2018

I want to make clear that the list of links below are totally unsolicited (no payment or reciprical, behind the scenes agreement). These links were originally compiled over 15 years ago and were meant to help people find things before search engines were what they are today. This list is NO LONGER UPDATED - It is a "Legacy" document. The listing of any company or organization within this list does NOT constitute my endorsement of any company or organization. All of the links herein are UNCOMPENSATED.

Standards and Specifications, Including US Military

U.S. Standards Developing Bodies

Single Nation Standards Developing Bodies

South Africa


United Kingdom

International and Regional Standards Developing Bodies

Other Related Associations

US Government

Government Agencies and Sites

US Government Publications

Foreign Government World Wide Web Resources



New Zealand

Taiwan R.O.C

United Kingdom

MSDS Resources on the internet

More Standardization Bodies

National Accreditation Bodies

Product Certification Bodies
It should be noted that this is a 'short list'.

Uncertainty Links

Measurement and Testing Links
Including Hard to Find Equipment Manuals

Proficiency Testing Programs & Reference Materials

Measurement and Testing Laboratories

Quality and Related Links



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