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27 January 2007 - January 25 2015
I do not update this page as the latest information is always being shared in the Elsmar Cove Forums. None the less, there are some good things on this page from a historical aspect.

For the latest in and about ISO 9001, ISO 14001, as well as other related standards, Visit the Elsmar Cove Forums.

If you are new to ISO 9000 (specifically ISO 9001), you can find out everything you want to know about the ISO 9000 series of documents, including the evolution of the standard back to the 1960's (See this set of QMS (Quality Management Systems) Implementation Slides). Mainly what is dealt with in this section of the page from this point down is information that, as a 'beginner, you should take some time to browse through to get a feel for what ISO 9001 is and what it is about. Don't get confused by the 'old' version' and the 'new' version. Don't let the 'Process Approach' rants scare you. There really is little difference other than verbiage. So, as you peruse the 'old' stuff, you will gain an understanding of the principles ISO 9001 is built on.

Is ISO 9001 Cresting?
Is the ISO 9K Fad at its Peak?

A New Slant on Internal Audits
Are Internal Audits A Thing of the Past?

ISO 9001:2000 - Interpretations 101

Is ISO 9001 Snake Oil?

The Federal Express ISO 9001 Registration
A Virtual Registration?
Sampling For Larger Companies

Is ISO 9001 'Working'?
Measuring The Effectiveness of ISO 9001 Registration

QS-9000 Now Requires ISO 9001 Registered Suppliers
It Also Requires ISO 17025 Registration for Laboratories

What Does This Mean To YOU?

Just as small farmers are dying out and giving way to the large conglomerates,
are Mom & Pop shops doomed in the world of the 'big three'?

Auditing - Do You Have Lazy Auditors?
Apparently, Some Auditors Aren't Auditing!

Auditing - More Subjective than Ever
Auditor Interpretations Will Be More Significant Than Ever

How Far Do You Go?

How Far Are You Going in YOUR Training?

ISO 9001:2000
ISO 9000, ISO 9001 and ISO 9004 Released

IRS Allows Deduction for ISO 9001
Implementation and Maintenance

Internal Audit Defined

FDIS ISO 19011
Is 19011 the Next Step in Internal Auditing?
Evolution Into A Specialty?

"...ISO 19011, the integrated standard for internal (sic) auditing of quality and environmental
management systems, is planned for release as a DIS in September - October 2000.

Denis Arter (The Audit Guy)
1 December 1999
From the ISO Standards Discussion Group

ISO 14001
There has not been a big following to date.
However, there is a new impetus...

ISO 9001 Standards Discussion Some excellent discussions... Ongoing since 1994.
15 November 2004 - The list is now defunct, sorry to say. It was a good resource.

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ISO's Home Page
The Mother Ship!

More ISO 9001 Information
A look at the 'early days' of the ISO 9000 Series

Some ISO Specific Information Resources

All the Links Mucho Links! In the World!

(Registrar and Auditor differences preclude definitive answers to many questions...)


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