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The Baldrige Web Site

An Alignment Matrix

 Baldrige Criteria -------->>>>>>>>
Strategic Planning 
Customer Focus
Information Analysis 
Human Resources 
Process Management 
Business Results 
  ISO 9001:2000              
4 Quality Management System              
5.1 Management Commitment              
5.2 Customer Focus              
5.3 Quality Policy              
5.4 Planning              
5.5 Resp., Authority & Communication              
5.6 Management Review              
6.1 Provision of Resources              
6.2 Human Resources              
6.3 Facilities              
6.4 Work Environment              
7.1 Planning of Product Realization              
7.2 Customer Related Processes              
7.3 Design and/or Development              
7.4 Purchasing              
7.5 Production and Service Operations              
7.6 Control of Measuring and Monitoring Devices              
8.1 General              
8.2 Measurement and Monitoring              
8.2.1 Customer Satisfaction              
8.2.2 Internal Audit              
8.2.3 Measurement and Monitoring of Processes              
8.2.4 Measurement and Monitoring of Product              
8.3 Nonconforming Product              
8.4 Analysis of Data              
8.5 Improvement              
8.5.2 Corrective Action              
8.5.3 Preventive Action              
  Somewhat Aligned              
  Not Aligned              

An 'Old' Alignment Matrix

Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria Circa 4/2001

1. Leadership

Organizational Leadership
Public Responsibility and Citizenship

2. Strategic Planning

Strategy Development
Strategy Deployment

3. Customer and Market Focus

Customer and Market Knowledge
Customer Relationships and Satisfaction

4. Information and Analysis

Measurement and Analysis of Organizational Performance
Information Management

5. Human Resource Development and Management

Work Systems
Employee Education, Training and Development
Employee Well-Being and Satisfaction

6. Process Management

Product and Service Processes
Business Processes
Support Processes

7. Business Results

Customer Focused Results
Financial and Market Results
Human Resources Results
Organizational Effectiveness Results

From a News Group:

1. Measure of Results of Internal Baldrige Assessments
Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 21:29:45 -0400
From: XXXX <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: Measure of Results of Internal Baldrige Assessments

<< How do you know if the assessment has had a positive effect on a company's (or subset thereof) performance (not limited to just traditional financial measures, please!)? What kind of data do you collect, by what methods, and how often? Anyone use a Balanced Scorecard approach to measure this? >>

Although I could talk for hours on this subject, I'll try to shed a little light. An assessment should not have an effect on a company's performance - it should only evaluate a company's performance. Then you must use those evaluation results to make systemic changes in your organization. I recommend an assessment at least every 2 years, no more often than every 6 months. Your methods of data collection will include an inventory of sorts of various quality records. I believe that another critical tool is employee interviews or focus groups.

The key to a true assessment, however, is objectivity. If your company has never used the Baldridge as an assessment tool, however, you should start with 2 steps: 1) Using a copy of the assessment, or a resource thereof, begin interviewing TOP management on the 7 points. Continue the interviews down the hierarchy layer by layer. This method should help determine where your organizational communication begins to fall apart, or where the management credibility begins to crumble.

2) Have an outside consultant perform a formal assessment!!! I can't emphasize this enough! Usually, when a company evaluates itself against the MBNQA criteria, they are so pessimistic that they become frustrated, or they are so optimistic that they can't see the true gaps. An outside consultant, from my experience, will give an more inflated score than a true Baldrige assessor, but not as inflated as an internal assessor, especially the first time around.

A resource I've used is "Baldrige Award Winning Quality" by Mark Graham Brown, published by Quality Resources & ASQC. He does a pretty good job of interpretting the interrelationships of the criteria and of breaking the criteria down into digestable pieces.

Good Luck! : )

More info from:

Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Route 270 and Quince Orchard Road
Administration Building, Room A537
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-0001
(301) 975-2036

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