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Welcome to the Elsmar Cove Free Files Directory. There are a lot of files here, but BEWARE. Some are several years old or older. Use a file with care. Make sure it is appropriate for your use. Many of these files have been dontated to the site from one person or another over the years. Some are recent, some are not. Some are related to "business", and some are simply "fun" files you might like. There are also some of Marc Smith's personal' files which he has donated, such as some training files. Free! Enjoy!

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[IMG]100-dollar-note-blankfein550.jpg2011-10-24 05:08 87K
[IMG]Asiana Flight 214 Crew Names 2013.jpg2013-07-17 18:26 481K
[IMG]Astronomers-Discover-C.article.jpg2006-01-11 11:33 31K
[IMG]Bad Car Wreck.jpg2004-12-13 20:53 52K
[IMG]Battleship firing guns.jpg2004-12-13 20:53 92K
[IMG]Bicycle rough rider.jpg2004-12-13 20:53 73K
[IMG]Biking on the Great Wall of China.jpg2004-12-13 20:53 28K
[IMG]Boy Genius.jpg2008-04-25 15:05 71K
[IMG]Brush fire approaches house.jpg2004-12-13 20:53 37K
[IMG]Brush on motorbike.jpg2006-10-23 16:25 34K
[IMG]Car in pool.jpg2004-12-13 20:53 47K
[IMG]Car motorcycle wreck.jpg2004-12-13 20:53 48K
[IMG]car on roof.jpg2005-12-30 04:23 13K
[IMG]Car on Utility Wires.jpg2004-12-13 20:53 32K
[IMG]Car Train Wreck.jpg2004-12-13 20:53 30K
[IMG]Carefully crossing a river.jpg2006-10-23 16:26 73K
[IMG]Carrying baby on motorbike.jpg2006-10-23 16:25 28K
[IMG]Carrying car frame on motorbike.jpg2006-10-23 16:25 29K
[IMG]Carrying pipe on motorcycle.jpg2006-10-23 16:26 39K
[IMG]Carrying the wine.jpg2006-10-23 16:26 72K
[IMG]cat and moose.jpg2005-12-08 14:06 119K
[IMG]cat at bird feeder.jpg2006-06-16 17:43 25K
[IMG]Chair on head.jpg2006-10-23 16:26 21K
[IMG]Chickens and fowl.jpg2006-10-23 16:26 45K
[IMG]computer in oil.jpg2006-01-09 20:08 41K
[IMG]Crossing a river.jpg2006-10-23 16:26 161K
[IMG]Ducks and roosters on motorbike.jpg2006-10-23 16:25 59K
[IMG]Eggs on motorbike.jpg2006-10-23 16:26 64K
[IMG]Female Parking.jpg2005-10-27 08:01 40K
[IMG]Five on a moped.jpg2006-10-23 16:26 49K
[IMG]Herb seller on motorbike.jpg2006-10-23 16:26 54K
[IMG]Huge bales.jpg2006-10-23 16:25 56K
[IMG]Huge fish on motorbike.jpg2006-10-23 16:26 55K
[TXT]Iron Age bog bodies.txt2006-01-08 09:20 4.3K
[IMG]iron age bog body from ireland.jpg2006-01-08 09:19 49K
[IMG]Metalwork on Motorbike.jpg2006-10-23 16:26 62K
[IMG]Mirror on motorbike.jpg2006-10-23 16:26 51K
[IMG]Motocross Wreck.jpg2004-12-13 20:53 45K
[IMG]Motorbike fish seller.jpg2006-10-23 16:26 40K
[IMG]Motorbike pig carrier.jpg2006-10-23 16:26 39K
[IMG]OldFart Wine 2.jpg2005-11-27 19:20 87K
[IMG]OldFart wine.jpg2005-11-27 19:17 101K
[IMG]Pigs on motorbike.jpg2006-10-23 16:25 29K
[IMG]Plastic jugs on motorbike.jpg2006-10-23 16:26 25K
[IMG]Problem Neigbor.jpg2008-04-25 15:05 67K
[IMG]Proof of Global Warming.jpg2008-04-25 15:05 70K
[IMG]Race car wreck circa 1920.jpg2008-05-06 17:21 39K
[IMG]Race car wreck.jpg2004-12-13 20:53 46K
[IMG]Refrigerator on motorbike.jpg2006-10-23 16:26 16K
[IMG]Road Sign.jpg2008-04-25 15:05 70K
[IMG]Sinking Boat.jpg2004-12-13 20:53 40K
[IMG]Small plane crashes into house.jpg2004-12-13 20:53 44K
[IMG]Tatoo of the Year.jpg2008-04-25 15:05 55K
[IMG]train wreck in snow.gif2005-12-01 04:47 157K
[IMG]Truck tires on motorbike.jpg2006-10-23 16:26 32K
[IMG]ufo Unidentified Fying Object.jpg2005-12-09 21:11 2.9K
[IMG]Uncle Franz Parachute.jpeg2004-12-15 07:46 37K
[IMG]V8 snow blower in use.jpeg2005-12-10 12:00 41K
[IMG]V8 snow blower in use.jpg2005-12-10 12:00 9.8K
[IMG]V8 Snow Blower.jpeg2005-12-09 19:12 51K
[IMG]we suck stadium.jpg2005-12-30 04:23 41K

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