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Re: Evolutionary Operation of Processes EVOP

Posted by Lyndon Diong on Tuesday, 14 October 1997, at 3:09 a.m., in response to Evolutionary Operation of Processes EVOP, posted by Marc Smith on Sunday, 12 October 1997, at 4:37 p.m.

It is seldom true that industrial processes are run at the best possible operating conditions. Often small-scale work, on which ,many process designs are based, provides no more than a rather crude apporoximately of the best conditions to use for full-scale production. EVOP is an ongoing mode of using an operating full-scale process so that information on how to improve the process is generated from a simple experimental design while pproduction is under way. To avoid appreciable changes in the characterisitic of the product only small changes are made in the levels of the process variables. To determine the effects of these changes it is therefore necessary to repeat the runs a number of times and average the observations.

EVOP is designed to be run, by process operators, on a full-scale manufacturing process while it continues to produce satisfactory product.
--extracted from Statistics for Experimenters by George E.P. Box, William G. Hunter and J. Stuart Hunter.

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