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up Parent Directory 16-Jun-2016 12:47 - directory Cincinnati Ohio Union Terminal 07-Sep-2009 14:11 - directory Early Macintosh Ads 09-Oct-2014 09:23 - directory Glacier Recession 09-Oct-2014 09:22 - directory Sand sculptures 09-Oct-2014 09:22 - directory USGS (US Geological Survey) Pictures 09-Oct-2014 09:22 - directory starling_pictures 27-Apr-2006 17:42 - [IMG] 14001_stds.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:25 24k [IMG] A Garden 700.png 27-Apr-2006 17:25 1744k [IMG] ASQC Senior Cert.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:26 60k [IMG] Alcatraz 1988 700.png 27-Apr-2006 17:26 1464k [IMG] Amiga 2000 and 500.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:26 24k [IMG] Barcote Manor 1965 700.png 27-Apr-2006 17:27 4480k [IMG] Barry Bostwick George Washington Miniseries 650.png 27-Apr-2006 17:27 1452k [IMG] Bush-quote.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:27 24k [IMG] Business_advertisement_1970.png 27-Apr-2006 17:28 1756k [IMG] Calvin Hobbes Christmas tree.gif 26-Dec-2007 21:36 24k [IMG] Camping_in_New_York.png 27-Apr-2006 17:29 3572k [IMG] Camping_in_New_York_1.png 27-Apr-2006 17:30 3096k [IMG] Consult_2.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:30 16k [IMG] Consultant.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:30 16k [IMG] Contractor.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:30 20k [IMG] Country_Grave_Yard.png 27-Apr-2006 17:31 1976k [IMG] Cove-Advt-Pre-disast.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:31 192k [IMG] Cove-Advt-e.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:31 212k [IMG] Cove-Advt-pre_dhrist_2001.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:31 196k [IMG] Cove-Advt-server.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:31 12k [IMG] Cove-Advt.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:31 164k [IMG] Covered bridge 650.png 27-Apr-2006 17:31 1464k [IMG] Customer Complaint.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:31 28k [IMG] Easter_Island.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:32 16k [IMG] Erie_Canal_1.png 27-Apr-2006 17:34 7368k [IMG] Erie_Canal_Lock.png 27-Apr-2006 17:35 5424k [IMG] Fall Stream Vermont.png 27-Apr-2006 17:35 1636k [IMG] Fishermans Wharf SF 1988 700.png 27-Apr-2006 17:36 1388k [IMG] Fruits_and_Vegetables.png 27-Apr-2006 17:36 1232k [IMG] Gang_Audit.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:36 12k [IMG] George Washington Miniseries 1.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:37 300k [IMG] George Washington Miniseries 2.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:37 524k [IMG] George Washington Miniseries 3.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:37 408k [IMG] Grave Yard and War Repair.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:37 488k [IMG] He-Mote Control.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:37 568k [IMG] I will not fix your computer.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:37 4k [IMG] JFK - Kennedy telegram.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:37 80k [IMG] Lifting Fog.png 27-Apr-2006 17:38 860k [IMG] Lizard.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:38 4k [IMG] Man and the woman-a.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:38 32k [IMG] Man vs woman-1.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:38 16k [IMG] Marc 1973.png 27-Apr-2006 17:38 1892k [IMG] Merry Christmas 2000.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:38 20k [IMG] Merry Go Round 700.png 27-Apr-2006 17:38 1348k unknown Merry.GIF 27-Apr-2006 17:38 20k [IMG] Millau bridge France satellite.jpg 12-Aug-2012 09:14 40k [IMG] Millau bridge France.jpg 12-Aug-2012 09:14 700k [IMG] Miner with canary.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:39 84k [IMG] Monkey.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:39 36k [IMG] Mr Natural icon.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:39 4k [IMG] Mr Natural.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:39 12k [IMG] Mt Kenya Safari Club Bill Holden.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:39 56k [IMG] My Father the Barber 650.png 27-Apr-2006 17:39 1688k [IMG] NYC_High_density_graves.png 27-Apr-2006 17:41 2312k [IMG] Nairobi New Stanley Hotel 1980 70.png 27-Apr-2006 17:40 1624k [IMG] North of Santa Cruz 700.png 27-Apr-2006 17:40 1576k [IMG] North of Santa Cruz.png 27-Apr-2006 17:41 1508k [IMG] Old Silo.png 27-Apr-2006 17:42 1312k [IMG] Pecker.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:42 24k [IMG] Quality Assurance.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:42 16k [IMG] Raccoon family eating cat food.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:42 16k [IMG] Red headed woodpecker.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:42 24k [IMG] Reefer Madness cover.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:42 40k [IMG] Richard Prior.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:42 20k [IMG] Sheeple Watch Fox News.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:42 20k [IMG] Snow_051208.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:42 76k [IMG] Solar system.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:42 12k [IMG] Steve Waddell Lexington 1972 650.png 27-Apr-2006 17:43 2716k [IMG] Submarine 700.png 27-Apr-2006 17:44 1472k [IMG] Surprise.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:44 16k [IMG] Tape - 8 track history.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:44 16k [IMG] Telephone.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:44 136k [IMG] The Macintosh II.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:44 28k [IMG] The News.jpeg 27-Apr-2006 17:44 4k [IMG] The Pope Nairobi 1980 650.png 27-Apr-2006 17:44 1600k [IMG] The original IBM PC Model 5150.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:44 20k [IMG] Thick Ice.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:44 24k [IMG] Three scenes.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:44 896k [IMG] Topanga Caynon Road stone.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:44 20k [IMG] Uncle Franz Parachute.jpeg 27-Apr-2006 17:44 40k [IMG] Very High 700.png 27-Apr-2006 18:14 1528k [IMG] Vilfredo Pareto.gif 27-Apr-2006 18:14 40k [IMG] Vine St Cincinnati 400.png 27-Apr-2006 18:14 1244k [IMG] Vinton_Cerf 250.jpg 27-Apr-2006 18:14 16k [IMG] Vinton_Cerf.jpg 27-Apr-2006 18:14 12k [IMG] Waterfall 700.png 27-Apr-2006 18:15 3360k [IMG] Welcome to Mombasa 1980 700.png 27-Apr-2006 18:15 1696k [IMG] Westminster College Mombasa 500.png 27-Apr-2006 18:16 2652k [IMG] White Horse.gif 27-Apr-2006 18:16 104k [IMG] Woodpecker.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:42 24k [IMG] aerospace.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:25 4k [IMG] alaska snow.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:25 20k [IMG] alaska-wildlife moose.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:25 20k [IMG] albert einstein.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:25 4k [IMG] answers.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:26 4k [IMG] atom bomb explosion.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:26 12k [IMG] awards.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:26 4k [IMG] ballot.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:26 16k [IMG] barcode.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:26 4k [IMG] batleft.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:27 12k [IMG] batright.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:27 12k [IMG] beaker.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:27 4k [IMG] binoculars.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:27 4k [IMG] binoculars.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:27 4k [IMG] bird cam 4.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:27 12k [IMG] bird feeders cam.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:27 20k [IMG] birdcam.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:27 48k [IMG] bluejay bird cam.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:27 16k [IMG] bluejay eating cat food.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:27 16k [IMG] bluejay-cam.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:27 32k [IMG] bob denver bananas.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:27 32k [IMG] bomb icon.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:27 4k [IMG] booze.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:27 4k [IMG] boston pond.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:27 80k [IMG] bsflag.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:27 12k [IMG] bush club.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:27 4k [IMG] bushsnort.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:27 16k [IMG] calendar.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:28 4k [IMG] california yosemite.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:28 160k [IMG] camera.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:28 4k [IMG] car.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:30 4k [IMG] cat drunk.jpeg 27-Apr-2006 17:30 4k [IMG] catalogs.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:30 4k [IMG] christmas12.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:30 8k [IMG] cigarette girl.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:30 4k [IMG] computer devil.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:30 12k [IMG] computer_coffee.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:30 4k [IMG] confused13.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:30 4k [IMG] coon-cam4.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:30 44k [IMG] cronyism icon.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:31 4k [IMG] diploma.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:31 4k [IMG] directory.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:31 4k [IMG] dish antenna aiming.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:31 12k [IMG] dragon fly.jpeg 27-Apr-2006 17:31 4k [IMG] dwg icon.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:31 4k [IMG] dxf icon.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:31 4k [IMG] early woody woodpecker.jpeg 27-Apr-2006 17:32 12k [IMG] easteregg2.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:32 4k [IMG] easteregg5.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:32 4k [IMG] easteregg6.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:32 4k [IMG] easteregg7.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:32 4k [IMG] easteregg8.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:32 4k [IMG] fat lady sings.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:35 12k [IMG] fearmongering icon.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:36 4k [IMG] fencing_ani icon.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:36 8k [IMG] finnish santa.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:36 16k [IMG] fiscal_irresponsibility icon.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:36 4k [IMG] foot.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:36 4k [IMG] forum Skunk.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:36 96k [IMG] forum1.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:36 96k [IMG] forum1.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:36 12k [IMG] forum13.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:36 16k [IMG] forum15.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:36 16k [IMG] forum16.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:36 112k [IMG] forum24.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:36 24k [IMG] forum28.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:36 104k [IMG] forum3.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:36 108k [IMG] forum3.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:36 16k [IMG] forum4.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:36 96k [IMG] forum4.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:36 12k [IMG] forum5-main.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:36 104k [IMG] forum6.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:36 104k [IMG] foruminfo.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:36 4k [IMG] freetime.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:36 8k [IMG] gas pump head.jpeg 27-Apr-2006 17:36 8k [IMG] gas.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:36 12k [IMG] goofy bird.png 27-Apr-2006 17:37 16k [IMG] graduation hat.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:37 4k [IMG] greed.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:37 4k [IMG] grizzly bear.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:37 24k [IMG] hands busy.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:37 8k [IMG] head target.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:37 4k [IMG] helicopter.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:37 8k [IMG] help.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:37 4k [IMG] home.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:37 4k [IMG] homeico.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:37 4k [IMG] homer.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:37 4k [IMG] homers BRAIN.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:37 20k [IMG] homophobia.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:37 4k [IMG] hypocrisy.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:37 4k [IMG] icon_blahblah.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:37 4k [IMG] insanity enjoy.jpeg 27-Apr-2006 17:37 8k [IMG] insanity ticket.jpeg 27-Apr-2006 17:37 8k [IMG] instat.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:37 4k [IMG] kid ugly.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:37 8k [IMG] lazy icon.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:37 4k [IMG] legal.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:37 8k [IMG] lie detector old pen type.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:37 12k [IMG] light_bulb.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:38 4k [IMG] lightning science1.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:38 4k [IMG] lockandkey.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:38 4k [IMG] magnifying_glass_icon.jpeg 27-Apr-2006 17:38 4k [IMG] magnifying_glass_icon30.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:38 4k [IMG] magnifyingglass.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:38 4k [IMG] maps.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:38 4k [IMG] marijuana leaf.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:38 4k [IMG] mellow.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:38 4k [IMG] misogyny.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:39 4k [IMG] misuses1.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:39 8k [IMG] money icon.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:39 8k [IMG] money_bag.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:39 4k [IMG] moon2.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:39 4k [IMG] moonish.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:39 4k [IMG] most.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:39 4k [IMG] movies clapper.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:39 4k [IMG] movies.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:39 4k [IMG] new years 2005-6.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:40 52k [IMG] new york brooklyn bridge.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:40 160k [IMG] new york liberty view.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:40 72k [IMG] new york street.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:40 176k [IMG] new_popcornsmiley.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:40 4k [IMG] new_silly.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:40 4k [IMG] newmailico.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:40 4k [IMG] news.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:40 4k [IMG] newspaper.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:40 4k [IMG] newyear2001.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:40 12k [IMG] newyork bryant park.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:40 180k [IMG] nod.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:40 4k [IMG] notepad.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:41 4k [IMG] online_mod icon.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:42 8k [IMG] online_supmod icon.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:42 8k [IMG] opus_small-main.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:42 16k [IMG] overhype.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:42 8k [IMG] padlock.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:42 4k [IMG] paper_bag.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:42 4k [IMG] patent.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:42 4k [IMG] pen.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:42 4k [IMG] phone.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:42 4k [IMG] pmpost.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:42 4k [IMG] poll_posticon-a2.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:42 4k [IMG] poll_posticon.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:42 4k [IMG] polygraph.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:42 16k [IMG] popcorn-machine.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:42 12k [IMG] postcard.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:42 4k [IMG] president_seal-1.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:42 16k [IMG] president_seal.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:42 16k [IMG] prison icon.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:42 4k [IMG] quality stats.jpeg 27-Apr-2006 17:42 4k [IMG] raccoon-cam4.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:42 44k [IMG] railroad crossing sign.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:42 8k [IMG] religious_nut.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:42 4k [IMG] sasquatch stamp.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:42 20k [IMG] seals-all-three.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:42 36k [IMG] seals2.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:42 24k [IMG] shot.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:42 8k [IMG] silversprings 1958.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:42 128k [IMG] skunk cam.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:42 12k [IMG] skunk-cam3.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:42 40k [IMG] smoker icon.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:42 4k [IMG] smoking lizard.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:42 4k [IMG] stats.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:42 4k [IMG] steno_machine.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:42 12k [IMG] student slate.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:43 4k [IMG] subforum_old.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:43 4k [IMG] surfing monkey.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:44 8k [IMG] tarsier.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:44 124k [IMG] techwk126_50.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:44 4k [IMG] telegram 1958.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:44 72k [IMG] telephone rotorary.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:44 4k [IMG] ten dollar bill.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:44 8k [IMG] thumbs up.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:44 4k [IMG] ticket.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:44 4k [IMG] tinkerbell.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:44 8k [IMG] tom delay ethics sign.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:44 24k [IMG] toothless grin.jpeg 27-Apr-2006 17:44 4k [IMG] top hat grey.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:44 20k [IMG] topiccommunications.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:44 4k [IMG] tree swing.jpg 27-Apr-2006 17:44 56k [IMG] uncle clem.gif 27-Apr-2006 17:44 4k [IMG] volunteers wanted.gif 27-Apr-2006 18:14 16k [IMG] warmongering.gif 27-Apr-2006 18:14 4k [IMG] washington hains point.jpg 27-Apr-2006 18:14 116k [IMG] washington nurse.jpg 27-Apr-2006 18:14 164k [IMG] white horse 15.jpg 27-Apr-2006 18:16 16k [IMG] wild wolf.jpg 27-Apr-2006 18:16 20k [IMG] world map icon.gif 27-Apr-2006 18:16 4k [IMG] wurlitzer.jpg 27-Apr-2006 18:16 32k

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