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4 December 2005

QS-9000 officially died on December 14th, 2006. Read this thread for the history, so to speak.

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ISO / TS 16949 does not significantly change anything except to allow the automotive companies to regain individual control over more of the specifics (such as exactly how they want their APQP process followed - specific paperwork, etc.) More than anything, TS-16949:2000 generalizes QS-9000 and aligns it to ISO 9001:2000. In addition, it brings in a few things from the German VDA document as well as Italy's and France's national requirements. For those seeking some relief, whatever TS 16949 leaves out is picked up by individual requirements. Relief will be, hopefully, in interpretations, if at all. Automotive is automotive.
As of yet I have heard nothing verifiable on Nissan, or other manufacturers outside of the US and Europe, 'embracing' TS-16949 with the notable exception of Honda and Toyota.

QS-9000 was a
Customer Requirement of Ford, GM and Chrysler...
It was
NOT an International Specification.

QS-9000 - R.I.P. 2006
An 11 year life span, and a cost of US$Billions, QS-9000 will come plunging to earth with
a whimper as ISO/TS 16949 takes over. If at first you don't succeed, try and try again?

The Official TS-16949 Roll Out Meeting

GM... Still Clueless!
One Hand Doesn't Know What the Other is Doing...

"16949 What? How will that affect QS?"

The State of ISO/TS 16949
Release Announcement

Now Available! Released and For Sale Online Here!

AIAG Releases their 'Latest' FMEA Reference Manual'
See FMEA-Newest_Manual_Released.gif in the pdf_files directory.

Chrysler Buys and Requires Use of Powerway Software 'Solution'
$9000 Up Front and $5400 Per Year

The TS 16949 Forum

What does 16949 mean for the future of QS-9000?

A TS 16949 Registration Audit
A US Registration

ISO 14001
Now A 'Big 3' Requirement

The 7/1/2001 QS-9000 'Sanctioned Interpretations'
What Do They Mean To YOU? AND To Your Suppliers?

More QS-9000 Information and History

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