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Marc Timothy Smith

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Quality Systems Engineering
Integrated Business Systems Design and Implementation

Experience Includes:
Integrated Management & Production Documentation & Data Systems
TS 16949 / ISO 9001 Integrated Requirements
Tailored Compliance Systems & Registration Assistance
MySQL, FileMaker & Access Database Development / Information Systems
Advanced Product Quality / Manufacturing Planning (APQP)
Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), Including
Part Sample Warrant ( PSW, ISIR, First Article) Submissions Process

A Sampling of My Training Background:

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Lead Auditor Courses Process Hazards & Operability Planning
Total Cycle Time (Business as a Process) Process and Business Systems Mapping
Team Oriented Problem Solving Statistical Process Control APQP FMEA MSA PPAP ESD
Ford's QOS (Quality Operating System)
Process Mapping

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History  and Experience

1995 - 2019 (Current) - Owner and Manager
Quality Assurance and Business Standards Compliance Internet Web Site

In 1995-6 I started, and still run, one of the first 100,000 web sites on the internet, and the earliest web site focused on Quality Assurance and Business Standards. I manage the server Elsmar runs on, as well as the software.

Since 2004 my primary job has been maintaining the discussion forum, and at the same time learning as forum members discuss quality assurance topics related to many fields including regulated industries such as aerospace requirements (such as AS9100), various medical device regulations (e.g.: ISO 13485, 21 CFR Part 820, ISO 14971, IEC 60601, etc.) and other FDA regulated industries. By 2004 was very popular and was changing from a hobby to a full time endeavor. Over the following 10 years has dominated most of my time, however on a limited basis I have continued to provide some of the services which were my main focus from the 1980's through to 2003 such as various training courses, some general quality system consulting, and several ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 implementations. From 2008 to 2014 the majority of my time has been spent keeping online. I continued to do some training though infrequently due to the demands of keeping Elsmar online. From 2003 to 2015 I expanded from a general quality assurance, ISO 9001 and TS 16949/Automotive focused web site to cover many collateral business standards as well as some standards which were unrelated such as AS9100 and various medical device manufacturing standards both national and international such as Brazil's ANVISA. The expansion of the scope of has been a continuing learning experience for me. For example, I was involved in aerospace requirements in the 1980's but those were DOD requirements. AS9100 is essentially the civilian version. And while I spent many of my early years working in hospitals, medical device manufacturing was new to me. While I have not worked in a medical device manufacturing company, through Elsmar I have learned a lot about medical device manufacturing and the various relevant national and international standards.

1989 - 2019 (Current)
Quality Assurance and Business Standards Specialty Confidential Compliance Consulting and Auditing

Specialty consulting and training. See Services Provided by Marc Smith for some specifics.

4/2002 --> 5/2003
Stolle Products
(American Trim) Sidney, OH
Contract Quality Assurance Engineer

Provide Quality and Process Engineering services. Responsibilites: Harley-Davidson and Visteon projects. Focus: Aluminum deep draw, anodized finishes, electro-coat paint, silk screening of irregular surfaces. Quality Engineer and Process Engineer including Corrective Action investigations, APQP-PPAP and related responsibilities.

5/2000 - 12/2000
Federal Warranty Service Corp.
Tampa, FL
ISO 9001 Implementation Project Consultant

Provide tailored consultation services for ISO 9001 implementation & registration based upon ISO 9001:2000. First audit successful - November 2000

4/2000 - 7/2000
Ford Motor Company
Cincinnati, OH

Contract - Quality Review Engineer (QRE)

Provide auditing services and Control Plan / SPC training to floor personnel. (Sharonville transmission facility - FN Project).

9/1999 - 5/2001
Cincinnati, OH
ISO 9001 Implementation Project Manager/Consultant

Provide tailored consultation services for ISO 9001 implementation & registration based upon ISO 9001:2000.

4/1999 - 9/1999
Cincinnati, OH
Contract Quality Assurance Engineer

Provide Quality Engineering services to a closing plant and assisting in transfer of documentation and technology to a Mexico facility. Responsibilities include 3 projects in the late APQP stage and their transfer to Mexico.

9/1998 - 6/1999
Anaren Microwave
Syracuse, NY
ISO 9001 Implementation Project Manager/Consultant

Provide tailored implementation consultation services for ISO9001 implementation. First audit successful - June 1999.

12/1997 - 6/1998
Motorola - Semiconductor Products Sector
Phoenix, AZ
QS 9000 Implementation Project Manager/Consultant

Provide training and tailored consultation services for QS 9000 implementation & registration. QS 9000 compliance audits for element of blanket registration. First audit successful - May 1998.

4/1997 - 12/1997
Motorola de Mexico S.A. (Semiconductor Sector)
Guadalajara, Mexico
QS 9000 Implementation Project Manager/Consultant

Provide training and tailored implementation consultation services for QS 9000 implementation. QS 9000 compliance audits for element of blanket registration. First audit successful - December 1997.

6/1997 - 8/1997
Rexroth Corp.
(Mannesmann-Sachs) Lexington, KY
QS 9000 Training Consultant

Provide training services for QS 9000 implementation & registration (ISO upgrade).

3/1997 - 10/1997
American Chemical
Cleveland, OH
ISO 9001 Implementation Consultant

Consulting for facility ISO 9002 registration.

2/1997 - 4/1997
United States Coast Guard
Norfolk, VA
ISO 9001 Implementation Consultant

Facility assessment and introduction to ISO 9001 - Coast Guard pilot implementation project.

10/1996 - 8/1997
Eagle Chemical
Hamilton, OH
Implementation Consultant

Provide training, systems consultation & integrated documentation for facility ISO 9002 registration. Achieved first audit successful ISO registration July 1997.

8/1996 - 2/1997
Randall Textron
Wilmington, OH
Implementation Project Manager/Consultant

Project manager - Coordinate implementation team - development of systems & integrated documentation for facility QS 9000 registration.

9/1995 - 12/1996
Harley-Davidson Motor Company
York, PA
ISO 9001 Implementation Project Manager/Consultant

Guide development of systems & integrated documentation for York assembly facility ISO 9001 registration. First audit successful ISO 9001 September 1997.

8/1995 - 5/1996
Sachs Automotive of America
(Fichtel & Sachs), Troy, MI
QS-9000 Implementation Project Manager/Consultant

Provide systems & integrated documentation for corporate QS 9000 registration & coordinate with manufacturing facilities. *First audit successful QS 9000 registration June 1996.

4/1995 - 8/1995
(Varity), Brighton, MI
Contract - Project Adv. Mfg. Engineer

Advanced Manufacturing Project Quality Assurance Engineer (corporate). Responsible for documentation for 2 new US$1.75M semi-automatic lines, including plans for acceptance at the supplier facility & for acceptance @ Kelsey-Hayes (Brighton) and PSW submission to Ford/Mazda. Product - Automobile and Truck Anti-Lock Brake Systems. Processes - Hand and High Volume Automated Assembly, Soldering. Customers include Ford, Chrysler, GM and Mazda.

8/1994 - 4/1995
ICI Explosives
Tamaqua, PA
Contract - Design Project Team Quality Engineer

Project Quality Assurance Engineer - running change to current product. Product - Automobile Air Bag Initiators. Processes - Design, Hand and Automated High Volume Assembly, Soldering. Customers include Morton International and TRW Safety Systems.

6/1994 - 8/1994
ASC Corporation
(American Sunroof), Southgate, MI
Contract - Supplier Development QE

Supplier Development Quality Assurance Engineer - Mitsubishi 3000GT Spyder project. Products - Automobile sunroofs, convertible tops and specialty conversions. Processes - Design, Hand and Automated Assembly, Custom Specialty (hand) Conversion, Paint, Welding. Customers include Ford, GM, BMW, Toyota, Chrysler.

8/1993 - 6/1994
Sachs Automotive of America
(Fichtel & Sachs), Florence, KY
ISO 9001 Systems Development - Implementation Consultant

ISO 9001 Gap Analysis. ISO 9000 overview training for all employees. Design/develop new systems, integrate/document all current and new systems & elements. Design and program network Nonconformance, Corrective Action, Supplier, and Deviation databases. Develop (team effort) & write Quality Assurance Manual. Product - Automobile Struts. Processes - Automated Machining, Hand and Highly Automated Assembly, Paint, Automated Welding. Customers - Ford, BMW, Toyota, Chrysler. *Achieved ISO 9002 first audit successful registration in 9 months - June 1994.

8/1992 - 7/1993
Inland Fisher Guide
(General Motors Corporation), Vandalia, OH
Contract - Product QA Engineer

Produce/revise Product Process FMEAs, Process Control Plans, Process Flow Diagrams. TRW Safety Systems & Morton International liaison in Quality issues. Monitor and submission of air bag module GP-3 documentation. Evaluation of systems, manufacturing problems (process engineering) and Design of Experiments - Injection Molding Processes. Participation in GM PICOS. Products - Supplemental Air Restraint Modules (air bag assemblies), steering wheels, horn pad assemblies. Processes - High Volume Injection Molding, Medium Volume Hand and Semi-Automated Assembly.

10/1991 - 8/1992
Stolle Corporation
(Alcoa) Sidney, OH
Contract - Quality & Documentation Systems

Review of plant Quality Assurance and integrated systems. Verification of system/procedures and documentation compliance to ISO 9001. Outline valid Quality Assurance and integrated Systems. Develop formats for procedures, work instructions, and Quality Assurance Manual. Work with teams rewriting procedures for ISO 9001, FORD, GM, Chrysler, Valeo (and other customer) compliance. Outline company Quality Assurance Manual. Products - Automotive and consumer appliance formed metal parts. Processes - Pilot Injection Molding, Medium Volume Hand and Semi-Automated Metal Stamping, Low Volume Hand Welding, High Volume Automated Silk Screening, Low Volume Hand Assembly.

7/1991 - 10/1991
Piqua Engineering
Piqua, OH
Contract - Quality Assurance Engineer

Review of contracts. Total review of all company Quality Assurance and integrated systems procedures. Verification of system and documentation compliance to Mil-Std-9858A, Mil-Std-45662A, Mil-I-45208A, AR-91, AR-92, WS 10823B. Rewrite of inadequate and non-compliant procedures, wrote 4 Quality Assurance Program Plans (QAPPs). U.S. Navy contracts. Procedures and QAPPs - preliminary acceptance by China Lake (Navy) 910927. Product - Missile & Bomb Fuses. Processes - Low Volume Hand and Semi-Automated Assembly, Hand Soldering, and Hand Machining.

1/1991 - 6/1992
Blue Ash, OH
Contract - Technical Documentation

Technical documentation - editing, page layout. Graphic design/art work. Database design. Computer systems and network maintenance. Wrote High Reliability Soldering Workmanship Manual in consonance with Mil-Std-2000.

10/1990 - 12/1990
FL Aerospace - Grimes Division
Urbana, Ohio
Contract - Quality Assurance Engineer

Primarily tasked as a customer liaison. Investigations of customer complaints, interface with repairs department, design and manufacturing engineering, manufacturing cell, and corrective action responses coordination. Data evaluation for failure rates, mature product reliability from repairs database. Responsible for Bell Helicopter, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Fairchild, Westland, and Sikorsky commercial and military products. Additional responsibilities: 1) Create Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP) for a new product, 2) Maintenance of ATPs for clarity/problem resolution, 3) Resolution of production problems on shop floor as necessary, 4) First Article confirmation/signoff, 5) DCAS and customer QDR responses. Products - Aircraft Position, Strobe and Landing Lights, Aircraft Pilot and Copilot Panel Indicators, Flight Computers. Processes - Medium Volume Hand and Semi Automated Assembly, Hand and Automated Soldering.

2/1990 - 10/1990
(Westinghouse) Cincinnati, OH
Contract - Quality Assurance Engineer

Primarily tasked as EURC Program Supplier Quality Engineer interfacing with Boeing. Additional responsibilities: 1) Development of data acquisition database for receiving/receiving inspection/stock, 2) Institute Supplier Qualification/Rating and Supplier Corrective Action systems, 3) Oversee internal audit and internal corrective action systems, 4) Rewrite of various Quality Assurance and Integrated System procedures, 5) Development of Statistical database and analysis methodologies of manufacturing data derived from the Westinghouse NCR (Nonconformance) System (compliant with Mil-Std-1520). Responsible for Statistical Visibility Graphs. Litton and Boeing responsibilities. Desert Storm AWACS communications project. Products - Extremely High Reliability Specialty Military Avionics/Communications electronics. Processes - High Reliability Specialty Electronics Design & Development, Hand Assembly, Hand Soldering.

4/1988 - 2/1989
Environmental Screening Services Corporation
Cincinnati, OH
Laboratory Manager

Environmental stress screening/environmental testing (consulting, test plans, seminars, training). Product Evaluations - design, workmanship, vibration, thermal characteristics. Facility audits - quality assurance provisions, procedures, manufacturing processes, ESD [electrostatic discharge] provisions. Environmental design criteria test plans, mission profile evaluations, specification evaluations. Military and commercial.

2/1987 - 4/1988
Cincinnati Electronics Corporation
Cincinnati, OH
Environmental Simulation Technical Specialist
Environmental Laboratory Manager

Responsible for environmental laboratory operations including quotations, customer relations, profit/loss projections. Military specification evaluations/interpretation for environmental test plans. Device mission profile evaluations. DCAS interfacing, including quality deficiency/corrective action reports/documentation. Co-authored Environmental Design Criteria Test Plans and Environmental Stress Screening Test Plans. Interfaced with the Air Force on ARC-205 and AAR-34 EDCTP and ESS test plans. (Mil-Q-9858A facility) Products - Low Volume High Reliability Specialty Military Communications Equipment, Infrared (IR) Detection Equipment (Satellite and Ground). Processes - Hand and Highly Automated Circuit Card Assembly, Basic Fabrication, Hand Machining, Hand and Automated Soldering.

3/1986 - 2/1987
Sealtron, Incorporated
Cincinnati, OH
QPL (DESC's Qualified Products List) Program Manager

Set up Defense Electronics Supply Command (DESC) Qualified Products List qualification programs for, and qualified, Mil-C-38999, Mil-C-26482, Mil-C-83723. Product failure analysis. DCAS and customer audits. Environmental and general testing. Statistical Process Control (Machining Processes). Gage and instrument inspection to Mil-Std-120 and calibration to Mil-Std-45662A. Mil-I-45208A facility. Products - Medium Volume Specialty High Reliability Circular Hermetic Electrical Connectors (Aerospace, Explosive & Marine applications). Processes - Hand Assembly, Semiautomatic Machining, Ceramic Furnace, Plating.

Industrial Machine, Incorporated
Palo Alto, CA
Receiving Inspector

Mechanical dimensionals (ANSI Y14.5M and DOD-D-1000), electricals, general receiving inspection and related QC duties. Products - Military use Electromechanical Sub-Assemblies. Processes - Hand and Automated Assembly, Basic Fabrication, Hand and Semi-Automated Machining, Hand Soldering and Welding.

9/1975 - 12/1977
Fulton State Hospital
Fulton, MO
Ward Attendant (11:00 PM/7:00 AM shift)

8/1969 - 7/1974 and 8/1978 - 3/1982
EEG, Incorporated
Cold Spring, KY
Electroencephalographic Technologist (Certified)

Cerebral death serial studies. Equipment alignment and maintenance. Technician training. Accreditation documentation. Costing, budgeting, profit/loss projections. Numerous duties related to a medical business.

Formal Education

9/1974 - 5/1978
Westminster College

Fulton, Missouri

Major: Biology
Minors: Chemistry, Anthropology

9/1965 - 5/1966
Barcote School

Nr. Faringdon, Berkshire, England

9/1963 - 5/1969 (except 1965-6)
Highlands High School
Fort Thomas, KY

Professional Society Memberships
  • Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) -- Dayton, Ohio Chapter
  • Institute of Environmental Sciences & Technology (IEST) -- Southern Ohio Chapter -- Senior Member
  • American Society for Quality (ASQ) -- Cincinnati, Ohio Chapter -- Senior Member
  •  IRCA Card


    Anaren Microwave

    Federal Warranty Service Corporation

    Computer and Internet Experience

    I was introduced to computers in 1975 when I took several Computer Science programming courses in college including cobol, Fortran and PL1. I have since been intimately involved with computers in one way or another. I maintained a bulletin board from early 1987 thru late 1990 - run on an Amiga 1000. Linked as a Fidonet node 1987 - 1990 (part of the 'old' internet). I am well versed on Macintosh (OS 7 through OS X 10.8.x), AmigaDOS, Unix (FreeBSD), Linux, CentOS, and Windows (95, 98, 2000, NT, XP, 2007) OSs. My experience with software is extensive - from word processing, spreadsheet and statistical analysis packages to databases, presentation and graphics (MSOffice [Access, Excel, Word, Powerpoint], MS Project, Photoshop, StatView, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, FilemakerPro, MPACT, etc. savvy). I am familiar with MRP/ERP databases. In January 1996 I originated, and have maintained, my (originally Internet site (currently Apache on CentOS) and using MySQL for database applications/programs. Internet and intranet savvy. I keep up with general networking and related technologies in addition to quality assurance and business standards.

    Experience Keyword Search Field

    Thirty plus years experience in mixed, high risk military/automotive/consumer manufacturing environments. Total Cycle Time (Business As A Process). Costing, budgeting, and profit/loss projections. Focus on all aspects of integrated Quality Assurance systems/programs including TQM elements. Chrysler-Ford-General Motors ISO9001 based 'Quality System Standard' TS 16949 (includes Freightliner, Mac Trucks, Navistar, PACCAR, Volvo), Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), Design and Process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (DFMEA & PFMEA), Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA), Ford's QOS,Toyota Production System, Morton International's QR-100, TRW's QPS-0100 and related documents. Technical documentation - Quality Assurance manuals and procedures, workmanship manuals/procedures, work and inspection instructions (including soldering to Mil-Std-2000A). FMEAs (Process & Design)Design For Assembly & Design For Manufacturing (DFA/DFM). Quality Function Deployment (QFD). Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs)/Federal Contracts Restrictions experience. Pre/post-award contract reviews. Data Item Description (DID) and Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) reviews - compliance liaison. DCAS liaison. Interdepartmental liaison. Commercial/medical/military specification requirements/evaluation and interpretation. Environmental Design Criteria test and Mission Profile test plans/procedures and related documentation. Test reports to Mil-Std-831. Source inspections to Mil-Std 1535A. Facility/process compliance audits to Mil-Std-45662A, Mil-Q-9858A, Mil-I-45208A, ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949. First Article/Initial Sample/Part Sample Warrant submissions. Military electronics hardware manufacturing process engineering, Root Cause Failure Analysis of electronic/electromechanical hardware, surface mount (SMT/TAB) technology (circuit card assemblies). Manufacturing statistical analysis (including process capability & yield, reliability) and Design of Experiments (DOE). PCB Process Control to IPC-PC-90. Supplier certification. Environmental Simulation Testing (vibration, shock, humidity, thermal, altitude, explosion, combined environments - including Mil-Std-202, Mil-Std-1344, Mil-Std-810 C/D/E and Mil-S-901 shock). IR (thermal) Imaging - General, microcircuits and electronic assemblies. Licensed aircraft pilot. Certified Medical Electroencephalograph Technologist.