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World Wide Consulting and Training

Marc's Services are a consulting and training business established in 1989 to provide technical consultation and expertise in documentation and configuration management / quality assurance & quality planning systems / manufacturing & assembly systems. Since inception, I have provided services to a wide range of industries. I offer a full range of customized Business Systems and Standards services, including training, Implementations, audits and consultations to improve your business / management systems and make your organization more effective, successful and profitable.
**I do not accept Projects in the state of Florida.

Sector Experience:
General Manufacturing and Assembly - High & Low Volume
Automotive / Consumer / Military (DoD)
Injection Molding Metal Forming Scintered Metals
Semi-Conductor Explosives Call Centers Transportation

My Philosophy, Methodology and the Future

To provide intensely personal consulting and related business systems compliance services to my clients. I provide specialized, focused services at a reasonable cost. I interact closely with each client with a high emphasis on communication, attention to detail and customer satisfaction. My clients are important to me! I provide the tools and the information you need to succeed.

When I am involved in projects my approach is to assess what you currently have and work with it. I do NOT believe in coming in and trashing your current systems and methodologies in an attempt to fulfill personal paradigms as many consultants do. Tailoring is the key word.

Customer Satisfaction is a key word in this new century, which they deserve. Companies are increasingly challenged by rapidly changing political, economic and social events that it can be difficult to keep up. In this century these changes will take place at an ever faster pace and will be wilder in nature. My goal is to not only keep customers satisfied but also to help them get ahead of their competitors with sound consulting services. I review your specific company and recommend specific tool sets which I believe are appropriate for your business model.

I develop a project plan to address all issues from training issues to process issues with your employees. A project plan is developed after an initial visit and evaluation of your actual status. Your company is also provided with a visit / status report in addition to the proposed project plan. A quotation for the project as a whole is also provided with the proposed project plan.

Should you decide to proceed with the project, an implementation team (if a team is necessary) is selected. Each team member is chosen for his/her specific expertise with respect to the project requirements.

Should you be interested in my help in your proposed project, I will be happy to provide a quotation and an initial evaluation visit.

I use Company Specific Tailored solutions.

A Sampling of Clients
Since 1989, I have provided consulting or contract services to the following clients:
(Not inclusive of all clients for obvious reasons)

American Chemical
Cleveland, OH

Hankook Tire
Akron, OH
Design & Development Office

Rexroth Corporation
Lexington, KY

Anaren Microwave
Syracuse, NY

York, PA

Sachs Automotive of America
Troy, MI

ASC Corporation
Mitsubishi 3000GT Spyder Project
Southgate, MI

Hillsboro Transportation
Cincinnati, OH

Sidney, OH
American Trim
Sidney, OH

Borg-Warner Automotive
Gallipolis, OH

ICI Explosives
Tamaqua, PA

Sur-Seal Corporation
Cincinnati, OH

Eagle Chemicals
Cincinnati, OH

Kelsey-Hayes (Varity)
Brighton, MI

Textron Corporation
Wilmington, OH

Federal Warranty Service Corporation
Tampa, FL

Meta Manufacturing
Blue Ash (Cincinnati), OH

United States Coast Guard
Norfolk, VA

FL Aerospace
Urbana, OH

Motorola Semi-Conductor Sector
Guadalajara, Mexico

Boeing AWACS Program (DoD)
Cincinnati, OH

Ford Motor Company
Detroit, MI

Motorola SPS
Phoenix, AZ

Orbseal L.L.C.
Marshall, MO

Ford Motor Company
Sharonville (Cincy), OH

Pall Aeropower
(APQP Automotive Training) Ft Meyers, FL

Lucas Varity (TRW)
Cincinnati, OH

General Motors (Delphi)
Vandalia, OH
Piqua Engineering
MIL - China Lake Project
Piqua, OH
Tolko Manitoba
The Pas, Manitoba

GKN Sinter Metals
Gallipolis, OH

Corporate Quality Management Systems
Edinburgh, Scotland

Valco Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH

How Can Elsmar Partner With Your Company?

ROM Quotation Request

Complete Business Standards Implementation Services

I can provide a complete solution based upon your company's specific needs. From interview derived documentation to your Quality Systems Manual, I can provide complete implementation services including requisite training.

I use Tailored solutions. My Methodology.

Facility Evaluations / Assessments

If you are seeking a 'Gap Analysis' (Where are we and where do we need to go?) I can do the job! I believe I go far beyond the 'Big' guys. Reports with detail appropriate for the intent of the evaluation provided.

Project Management

My approach is to provide services specifically tailored to your company's needs during systems development and implementation. Give me a call to discuss your scenario! I provide solutions to problems!

Documentation & Systems Integration Services

Business Standards Requirements interpretation and documentation and systems integration. Marc's Services can provide these services to your company. If you are a new business I can provide complete services from the ground floor. If you have an established company with documentation in place which has been neglected, I can upgrade, verify and validate your documentation. I can provide an in-house documentation team or I can provide a dedicated project manager to train, assist in and manage the project.

Contract Internal Auditing Services

I can provide you with reasonable Internal Auditing services.

Many companies have a difficult time meeting the Internal Auditing requirements. There is no stipulation in any of the documents which define who must perform internal audits in the sense of whether they have to be company employees. The standards provide the intent. *Statement and Intent*

Real World Tailored In-House (On-Site) Training & Awareness Programs

Did you send someone to a public course in another city, or did you attend a course, in MSA, APQP or the like and come away with a dazed look in your eyes wondering what just happened? Did you wonder how anyone could ever learn the material like the course instructor so deftly cruised through it as if it was child's play? My training is aimed at practical application, not simply theory. I address systems basics and how this all relates to the subject.

On-Site Courses I provide Include:

Many companies find they are overlapping training or need more of an overview than a focused course. I can design specialized tailored courses to integrate into your training program eliminating redundancy and thus reducing training costs. I can help you in evaluating your Base Needs.

Most companies leave you with a 'Course Book' - Each participant gets an attendee binder. All courses are developed in Powerpoint. We establishe a directory on the server where people in your company can go with their Browser and download the course Powerpoint source data file(s). In this way your company can use the files as source material for your internal training and tailor them for your company as you deem appropriate. You are paying for the course(s) and thus you should have access to the origin data files. I know folks often copy their booklets for friends and such. With my courses you can print out as many clean, clear copies you want without fee and you can tailor the data file for your internal training program.

A few course attendees comments....

"Eye Opening"
"More than in the book"
"Brings reality into play"
"Encouraged us to ask questions"
"Objective insight"

ROM Quotation Request

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