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Translating Forum Threads and Other Text
(Dedicated to 'energy')

There are several ways to translate threads and text on this site. If you have copied the URL you want translated and you already understand the process, particularly Forum url issues, then just Click the link below:
To Page Translator
To go directly to the translator.

For those of you who have not yet learned how the translation system works, please read the following carefully.
And remember... Auto-Magic Software Page translation is relative. It can not but approximate sentence structure and such. This said, do NOT expect sentences to read as you would expect them to in your language. In general, however, you can get a pretty good idea of what is being said. And.... It's a learning experience!

Standard Site Pages - Translate Entire HTML Pages

To translate a standard page on the site:

Go to the page (address / url) that you want to translate in your browser.

Copy the url from the Address Box to your ClipBoard.

Then - Simply click on the Page Translator link. It is just above - where it says To Page Translator.

Note that not every page in the site has a Translate link. If the page has no Translate Page link and you have copied the url, there is a link on the page to the Cove Home Page (https://elsmar.com) where there is a Translate Page link near the bottom of the page. Or - go to anywhere in the Forums. Every page in the Forums has a Translate Page link in the page header. The Translate Page link in the page header will take you to the top of this page where there is a direct link to the Page Translator.

If you're translating a 'standard' html page, it's always a simple matter of Copying and Pasting the url. You can tell a 'Standard' HTML page by the page suffix. It will always be html or htm. Files ending in txt are also easily translated.

After you click on the Translate Page link you should see something like this (without the url entered - you have to Paste the url in which I already did in this picture):

Paste the url in the Web Page box at the Translation page. Choose the appropriate translation (e.g. English to Spanish or Engilsh to French, etc.) and press the Translate button to translate that entire page. Please note that if the page is a long one, this translation process may take up to a minute or more.

The Forums are a bit more complicated. However, while I have not thoroughly tested it, if you look at the bottom of the picture just above it says you can follow the links from the url you enter. The testing I did do was a bit buggy (due to the 'session ID and 'cookie' issues, but all in all - though a bit slow - it does work. Try it. If you have problems, the below will help explain what's happening... From what I can see, because you're technically going through Altavista's link to the Systran system, cookies and such are not adequately tracked. I have not had the time to try to post and such - but I do not believe it will work to post a reply in a thread. I noted I was not 'logged in' when I went to the 'main' Forums page. I tried to Log In but the translation page came back with an Error message.

I will say that to read a thread and to browse threads it worked pretty well. Do expect Error messages from time to time. The translator is trying to parse not only the url and php base file, but is also trying to address cookie and session ID issues. It's the nature of the beast, so to speak...

The Details

If you are in the forums, things are a bit different because the Forums 'run' on php (somewhat like xml). In addition, as you visit the forums, a 'session ID' is assigned to mark your read messages and such bringing everything together as a 'session'.

If you are in the Forums, you may see something like this in your browser:

That is the 'URL' in the address box.

It is more likely that you will see numbers after the page (address) URL

If you see numbers after the page URL, remove the ? and the numbers after you paste the URL.
You will only see these numbers in the Cove Forums. That number is a tracking number which is used for that session to track the user and mark 'Read' messages and threads.The number is only a tracking number for the current session and is disgarded about 15 minutes after you leave the forums. You should see something like this:

Just press the Translate button and away you go!. Remember... If the page is a long one, this translation process may take up to a minute or more... Usually it took about 15 to 30 seconds when I tested the translator, but several took over a minute. Please be patient.

Individual Forums - The Main Listing of All Threads in a Forum

If you see numbers after the page URL (same case as above)

Forum Listing Picture

Paste the URL, but then Delete the numbers.

You should end up with somthing looking like this:

That is, delete everything from between ...display.php? to forumid=16

Individual Threads - A Specific Thread in a Forum

Much like above, the url will have a 'session ID'.

Delete the s= and the numbers and the & so the url looks like the one below,

Then Copy it and go to the Translator page and Paste it there.

To Page Translator

Still confused? E-mail Marc

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