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ISO 9000

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Series of Documents including ISO 9001 - Consists of related individual international standards on quality management and quality assurance which were developed to help companies effectively document the elements to be implemented in order to maintain an efficient quality system. It is a requirement often placed on manufacturing companies. The basic idea behind ISO 9000 methodology is that you document what you do, then you do what you described in the documentation. During an ISO 9000 certification process, the examining registrar will audit your company to confirm that you are following the standard. If you re, you can be certified. An updated version is ISO 9001:2000, which requires that you demonstrate improvements are being made within your processes. ISO is Greek for Equal.

The ISO 9000 family contains:

ISO 9000 - Quality management systems - Fundamentals and vocabulary

ISO 9001 - Quality management systems - Requirements

ISO 9004 - Quality management systems - Guidelines for performance improvements

The 8 Quality Management Principles are mentioned in ISO 9000

Customer Focus


Involvement of People

Process Approach

System Approach of Management

Continual Improvement

Factual Approach to Decision Making

Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships

The latest edition of ISO 9000 was published in 2005

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