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[[File:Vilfredo_Pareto.gif|50px|Vilfredo Pareto]]
[[Image:Vilfredo_Pareto.gif|50px|Vilfredo Pareto]]
===Did you know...===
===Did you know...===

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Welcome to the Elsmar Cove Quality Assurance and Business Standards Wiki!
A wiki with the aim of being a Body Of Knowledge (BOK) for Quality, Engineers, and other Assurance Professionals - Local, International and National Business Systems and related Business Standards in all industries

This is mediawiki 1.18. At this time the wiki is being updated from the old version 1.11. Please bear with me while we get this Wiki properly configured and ready for "Prime Time"...

Quality Assurance and Business Standards Glossary
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Vilfredo Pareto

Did you know...


Update: 29 January 2012

I am still in the process of getting the Wiki updated. In short, it is still "under construction" so to speak. No new accounts will be added until the "construction" is complete. Please excuse the current formatting issues. They will be resolved soon.

If you want to help / edit in the Elsmar Cove Wiki, you must Contact Marc.

NOTE 1: Like the Elsmar Cove Forums, the Elsmar Cove Wiki is continuously (24/7/365) monitored for spam entries...

If you have specific questions about mediawiki markup, editing, or other specific questions, please visit this discussion thread and ask: The Elsmar Cove Wiki Questions Discussion Thread. Don't be shy. I'm learning a lot about mediawiki markup myself.

--Marc 29 January 2012

Also see:

General Quality Assurance Glossary in the forums by Bill Pflanz. My Thanks! to Bill!
The Elsmar Cove Definitions, Acronyms, Abbreviations and Interpretation forum.

For Help With Editing Wiki Pages

There is a help page that gives a basic introduction to mediawiki markup format that can be used for changing or making pages.

Any questions can be posted at the Wiki Questions Discussion Thread.