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Philip Crosby

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Philip B. Crosby, known as Phil Crosby, (June 18, 1926-August 18, 2001) was a businessman and author who contributed to management theory and quality management practices

In 1979 after a career in ITT, Crosby started a management consulting company (Philip Crosby Association, Inc.) This consulting group proved education course in quality management both at the headquarters in Winter Park, Florida and at eight foreign location. Also in this year Crosby published his first business book, Quality Is Free. This book would become popular at the time because of the crisis in North American quality. During the late 1970's and into the 1980's North American manufactures were losing to market share to Japanese products largely do the superior quality of the Japanese products.

Crosby's response to the quality crisis was the principle of "doing it right the first time" (DRIFT). He would also include four major principles. First, quality is "conformance to requirements," second, management system is prevention, third, the performance standard is zero defects , and the measurement system is the cost of quality.

Crosby's prescription for quality improvement was a 14 step program. His belief was that a company that established a quality program will see savings that more then paid for the quality program ("quality is free").


  • (c 1979) Quality is free: the art of making quality certain; New York: McGraw-Hill; ISBN 0070145121
  • (1984) Quality Without Tears: The Art of Hassle-Free Management
  • (1988) The Eternally Successful Organization: The Art of Corporate Wellness
  • (1999) Quality and Me: Lessons from an Evolving Life -- his autobiography published

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  • The Quality Book, Greg Hutchens, published by QPE, Portland, OR, 1996 page 2-68