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Quality Assurance Terms Glossary/G

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Gantt Chart - Project planning tool illustrating activities vs. timing.

Gap - The difference between desired levels of performance and actual levels of performance.

Gap Analysis - A term associated with the servqual survey instrument, gap analysis is a technique designed to assess the gap that can exist between a service that is offered and customer expectations.

Gap Analysis - A formal study of the gaps between what exists and what needs, or ought, to exist.

Gauge R&R - aka Gage R&R - Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility - A means of checking how much the measurement system itself is contributing to process variability.

Geometric Mean - The geometric mean of n numbers {x1, x2, x3, . . . , Xn} is the nth root of their product:

(x1_x2_x3_ . . . _xn)1/n.

Gemba - Japanese term meaning "the shop floor"

Geometric Modelling - A technique used to develop a computer-based mathematical description of a part.

Globalization - An approach to international markets that requires a firm to make fundamental changes in the nature of its business by establishing production and marketing facilities in foreign markets.

Green Manufacturing - A method for manufacturing that minimizes waste and pollution. These goals are often achieved through product and process design.

Good Manufacturing Practices - aka GMP

Goodness-Of-Fit Test - A statistical test to determine whether there is significant difference between the observed Frequency Distribution and a theoretical probability distribution which is hypothesized to describe the observed distribution.

Grade - Category or rank given to different quality requirements (3.1.2) for products (3.4.2), processes (3.4.1), or systems (3.2.1) having the same functional use

Group Decision - Support system a computer system that allows users to anonymously input comments in a focus group type of setting.

Group "Memory" - A term used by meeting facilitators to describe any method for recording and displaying the pertinent points, questions, concerns, decisions, actions, plans, etc. of a group of people working together on a common task. This is often done with "flipcharts" which allows each page to be torn off and placed either in sequence or in some other logical order in the room. This gives the whole group quick and easy reference to their work, and provides visible evidence of the group's progress.

Group Technology - A component of cad that allows for the cataloging and standardization of parts and components for complex products.