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Quality Assurance Terms Glossary/U

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u Chart - A chart used to monitor the number of defects in sequential production lots.


Undeveloped Events - A term used in fault tree analysis. Undeveloped events are faults that do not have a significant consequence or are not expanded because there is not sufficient information available.

Unified Theory for Services Management - A set of propositions relative to managing services.

Upstream - If the process by which something is accomplished or produced is thought of as a "flow" from one stage of the process to another, then "upstream" refers to the stages of the process that come before the stage that serves as the reference point. Improvements or innovations made upstream in a process (e.g., Design of product or process) often can have high-leverage impact on results downstream.

User-based - A definition of service or product quality that is customer centered.

User Group - A voluntary and often informal association of individuals or organizations that are "using" a particular method, or theory and wish to share information, discuss common issues and/or pool resources to accomplish their respective goals. Aptly described as "a safe place to discuss ideas and problems". [Origin: users of specific computer hardware and/or software].