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Quality manual

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Quality Manual - A document describing the quality system of an organization. Often the company's quality policy is contained in the company quality manual or referenced therein.

  1. A quality manual may relate to the totality of an organization's activities or only to a part of it.
    The title and scope of the manual reflects the field of application.
  2. A quality manual will normally contain or refer to , at a minimum:
    1. quality policy
    2. the responsibilities, authorities, and interrelationships of personnel who manage,
      perform, verify, or review work affecting quality
    3. the quality system procedures and instruction
    4. a statement for reviewing, updating, and controlling the manual.
  3. A quality manual can vary in depth and format to suit the needs of an organization.
    It may be used, for example, "quality assurance manual." "quality management manual."

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