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5.6.2 Review Input

5.6.3 Review Output

What should be discussed in Management Review Meetings?

Management review is an extremely important part of the success of your quality management system and your most significant source for improvements. Management review can be used to tie together all the elements of your program and bring cohesiveness to your quality management system. You should focus your attention on "trends, objective evidence, and data based decisions" not on daily operations. As a minimum, the following topics should be included on your management review agenda:

1. Quality Assurance Report: including nonconforming/hold/rework product data, regulatory issues
2. Equipment/Maintenance: may include calibration information, repair & maintenance trending data, equipment downtime.
3. Quality Subcontractors: quality related subcontractors problems and actions, subcontractor trends
4. Customer Complaints: summary of complaints for trending of issues and actions.
5. Corrective and Preventive Actions: type & source of issues, areas most commonly having issues, trends of root causes, reoccurring problems.
6. Internal Auditing: audit results, audit schedule, nonconformances by area and clause.
7. Quality Planning: upcoming projects, status of on-going projects.
8. Resources: people & training, facility, and equipment.
9. Review of quality policy, quality objectives and over-all quality system effectiveness.

Other topics may be added as appropriate to the nature of your business. There may be some slight variations for service industries (perhaps no equipment used or no subcontracting.


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