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This is meant to give you a basic idea of the intention / requirements. A detailed discussion is presented in Clause_Interp_and_Upgrading.doc.


6.1 Provision of Resources

An interesting point is that knowledge is seen as a resource - A resource to be accounted for and used efficiently and effectively. In fact, get used to the idea of using all resources in an efficient and effective manner. That is the overall theme of section 6. That, and always looking towards the future.

Potential Audit Question:
Are resources, like knowledge, materials, finances and the like carefully used to maximum efficiency and effectiveness in your company? Or, more to the point, does your company even think in these terms?

6.2 Human Resources

You have to maintain records of education, training, etc. You need to ensure awareness of employees on the importance of their role in the quality system. You must be able to demonstrate that employees are aware of the benefits of improved personal performance. The role of each person and their impact on the quality system must be understood. The impact of departing from the planned quality system (not doing what they are supposed to be doing) has to be made clear to employees.

Remember that there are different types of training. On-the-job, elective, orientation, etc. See the example flow chart for more specifics.

Potential Audit Question:

Does your company take pains to make employees aware of the company quality objectives and the employee‚s role in obtaining these objectives? If so, how is it done?

NOTE: There are no new requirements in 6.1 or 6.2 from the 1994 version.


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