Aceptance Criteria for Attribute Characterisistics.


Montserrat P

I would like to know how apply this attribute plan to the automotive industrie.
For example, we produce capacitors for the automotive industrie however we do not take actions with regard to the cosmetic characteristics (attributes), we focus to the characterisistics involved with the performance and fiability of our product (chip/capacitors).
I will appreciate your support.



Your customer should define the acceptance criteria for all characteristics. If they have defined the need for control, you will need to determine the best method and state it on your control plan.

If you are controling the performance characteristics, there may be no need for you to control the cosmetic characteristics past the initial set-up verification.

I would check with the customer if there is a question to see if they require it. Not all characteristics have to be formally controlled past the point of ensuring it meets the customer requirement (set-up verification, In-process inspection etc.).

If you determine it is necessary, take a look at P charts.


Al Dyer

With Dave, does the print given you not list what is considered critical functionally or required appearance wise?

Waiting for your response!!!!!


M Greenaway

As a side note, which perhaps you are well aware of, however...

Attibutes are not soley concerned with appearance, attributes can also relate to functionality, i.e. does it work ? yes/no would be an attribute of the capacitor.

Montserrat P

Thanks for your answers. I appreciate it a lot. I will check your comments..
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