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I have a question. Is it possible to make a msa for a camera detection system? Basically there is a camera incorporated in the machine with OK and NOK values based on the component position. We have doubts about the camera being able to detect the correct/incorrect position. Can a msa be performed in this condition?

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You can definitely perform an attribute MSA.

However, I suspect the system actually measures a continuous variable, compares it to a requirement then makes an OK/NOK decision to display. If that is the case, I recommend a continuous MSA using that variable (if you can gain access to it).


Most vision systems that actually measure, measure in pixels and then is converted to an actual measurement value. If you can access these valves you can definitely check repeatability as continous data values.

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Good advice to use the continuous measurement. Remember though that in the end, the utility of the system is it's false accept and false reject rate. Knowing the repeatability of the continuous measurement is valuable in understanding how false calls occur and so where possible it is advisable to perform both in the same study...
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