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Chrysler Gage Buy Off Check List



Hi Guys,

I don't have access to covisint and I was hoping if you can share copy of Chrysler's latest GAGE DESIGN BUY OFF FoRM as well as Gage Buy-Off forms.

One of our QE is trying to get the latest check lists but having difficulties accessing covisint and I need this ASAP so... if you canshare these forms, great.

Thanks for your help.

Jen Kirley

Quality and Auditing Expert
Staff member
This isn't current I suppose, as it is DaimlerChrysler. I'm not sure it has what you need, but it's worth a look I guess.

I did a Google search and based on what I found, I suspect the forms you are asking about are kept within the company, or else there are server problems at Chrysler right now. Have you tried contacting the company's webmaster?


Thanks for the response, document you attached is PSO 5th edition, Chrysler is at 5.6 if hasn't changed recently. I have a check list but again, it has Daimler on it and I am sure it has changed since then.

Our QE is in process of getting this forms from Chrysler SQE direct. Thanks for your help.
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