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Has the update to MDD 93/42/EEC been released yet?


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Any one know if the update to MDD 93/42/EEC, has been released yet?
Cant seem to find any update.


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Re: MDD 93/42/EEC Update

I thought that there was one planned for 2013 or is that just consultancy for the changes?

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Re: MDD 93/42/EEC Update

Ah great understood it was 2017 for implementation.

Thank you!

Ronen E

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Re: MDD 93/42/EEC Update

PS It's not an update to the directive; it's a move from the directive to a regulation (not the same thing).


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Good day.

WTA - Does anyone know the latest status of the proposed regulation? Any lead from the last post back in 2013?

Thanks and have a great weekend ahead. - Rene
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