International 'Gov't' Type Certification Audit (a.k.a. - Supplier Audit)

Have you ever been through a certification process for another countries 'gov't'?

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Has anyone else ever gone through an audit done by a portion of another countries 'Governing Body' (not sure what else to call them) in order to certify your ability to supply them?

We went through one today, and it was interesting. Apparently it was very rough on both the Corporate office and a sister plant. Comparatively we breezed through and even finished early (much to the MR's surprise and delight!). The trickies part was the translatiing, which was done by 2 interpreters, one of them wasn't familiar with ISO which made for awkward moments...but they cleared up after a little discussion.

Anyway. I was just wondering if an of you have gone through similar or not (apparently this process was started 3 years ago!) and to pass along advice to either get an interpreter that has some familiarization with ISO or be very patient and sure what is being asked before you answer.

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I have twice gone through audits by China's Center of Boiler & Presssure Vessel Inspection & Research. It is a Division of China State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. I have also visited their facility in Beijing. The purpose of the certification and subsequent surveillance audit was for Type Approval and authority to apply a CT Mark which allowed shipment of product to China.

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yes...japans defense agency.....

in a nutshell....
not as bad as our own DSCC (defense supply center), and they spoke the language

oops forgot about the Isreal Air Force, again not as eventful as our own DSCC people
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