Introducing Process Improvement to New Employees

July 14, 2022
11:00 am – 12:00 pm ET

What's first on your training plan for new members of your quality team? How and when do you go about introducing the essential and valuable concepts of process improvement to employees who've never seen a control chart or histogram before? Do you ignore the concepts in favor of software that does most of the thinking for you?

In this back-to-the-basics webinar, we'll introduce a roadmap for quality improvement orientation. The orientation roadmap will reduce the learning curve around quality concepts and have your team reading (and maybe even creating) control charts like seasoned veterans.

It takes time and experience to truly understand what the software and statistics tell you about your processes. When you introduce the right topics, in the correct order, you'll see your team's skills ramp up like never before.

To get there, we'll take you through a red bead experiment that introduces:

Control Chart creation and computations
Capability Analysis
A Quality Improvement “blueprint”
And much more!

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