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ISO 28000 Internal Audit Checklist wanted


CAAA Business Management Systems Specialist
All, myself and a coworker just returned from auditor training in 28000. The instructor was very knowledgeable and provided lectures and workshops in how to prepare, how to conduct, and how to close out an audit. This was a refresher for me and it reopened those closed areas that had been ignored or passed over. My organization is on the journey to compliance and we are the second pair of auditors that have been trained in 28000. The first pair have moved on to other positions and are no longer able to audit the organization. Checklists are a fundamental element of any audit program. And as stated above, as the program matures, the checklist will evolve from a mirror of the standard to a representation of the management system. How fast does it get there is in the hands of management, I just point out the gaps and deficiencies and start the correction process.
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