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Fire Girl

Ok. I'm really buckling down now and trying to write my procedures for ISO 9K:2K. However, for those first two, I seem to be having some difficulty doing this. I'm not really looking for somebody to write them for me here, just some ideas of how others did this.

It just seems to me, that some of thses things are hard to document, it's more something you just have to do. It's even hard to explain! :eek: Does anybody know what I mean?

Just lookin' for a little guidance here...


David Mullins

Originally posted by Fire Girl:
However, for those first two, I seem to be having some difficulty doing this.

If I knew what you meant by the first two, it might allow me to help you.
a) the first 2 must have procedures; or
b) the first 2 section of the requirements.

If B, you mean para 4.1 & 4.2.1 then don't worry, it's all general stuff covered elsewhere in the standard (and your QMS).
If A, I'm guessing doc control and records, you'd better give us some more info.

Sorry, too many guesses.


PS - don't try and e-mail me, it's been stuffed for weeks, and still isn't working.

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Fire Girl


Sorry David. I do mean 4.1 and 4.2 and some of 5.0. It just seems that some of the stuff is difficult to document. Do you know what I mean? I seem to be having a difficult time getting my point across. I did find some of what I need in doc and dat control and a couple of other places too. Anyway, some of the standard just seems a little vague for documented procedures.

Thanks! :)

David Mullins

As I said before, ignore 4.1 and 4.2.1 as this is all repeated elsewhere.
4.2.2 says you need a manual (by whatever name) which has three features.
4.2.3 requires you to have a doc control procedure just like the '94 standard, but spells a couple of things out (like external documents).
4.2.4 requires you to have a procedure relating to records. Without records you have no proof, so this is a very important short paragraph in the standard.

5.1& 5.2 is, like 4.1 and 4.2.1, covered elsewhere (i.e. if you've complied with everything else, this is a given).

5.3 is nothing new except you need to better define your objectives than previously required, and include it in the Q Manual (one stone approach)

Enough already?

If you need any specifics, like doc control, let us all know.

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