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Starting a new thread after a very long time. Tried to search for a similar thread, but couldn't find it. Hence starting a new thread.

I have documented a flow chart cum procedure on SPC (Most relevant to variable characteristics). @Miner and @Bev D can you please give your inputs?


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Overall, you are on the right track. I was not certain what you intended by collecting data in a timely manner. To me, timely means promptly. I suspect that you intended collecting the data in time sequence. Is that correct? I am not sure what you intended by the yes and no paths out of that decision block. Also, do you plan to provide a path forward if the data are not normal? Such as non-normal capability?


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Thank you so much for your inputs @Miner .
Yes, by timely I mean time sequence, whether time to time variation can be studied based on data collection methodology. I came across some studies (especially at my organisation) where people collect data from same lot (manufactured/ incoming), put in a SPC format with a control chart matching subgroup sizes which is not correct. In such a case I created format which will only calculate normality and process capability (And performance) where control chart is not used.

I am thinking of using box-cox transformation for non-normal data in Minitab. I didn't specify it in the flow chart because I will be using this flow chart as a guidance for people to implement at my organisation. I want to keep it as simple as possible. I have created excel based softwares for each of the control chart type, normality ccalculation, process capability/performance and PPM.

If data is not normal, I'll get involved in study to guide them further.
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