TS 16949 Clause - Control Plan - Control Plans required for ALL processes?



Control Plans for ALL processes?

QUESTION: Are you folks reading TS to mean I must have a control plan for EVERYTHING my team determines is a "process" under TS (ie, sales, maintenace, etc) or for every MANUFACTURING process (ie, slitting, part making, etc)? I'm asking because I think I originally thought the standard meant EVERY process, and so I was geared to transforming all our QS procedures for sales, maint, etc into Control Plans - but as we sat down to do this as a practice/trial, we found ourselves really FORCING those type of things into a mold it clearly was never meant to fit. They DO lend themselves to process flow diagrams though, and that's the route we'd like to take with non-manufacturing processes.


#2 Control plan
The organization shall
- develop control plans (see annex A) at the system, subsystem, component and/or material level for the product supplied, including those for processes producing bulk materials as well as parts, and
- have a control plan for pre-launch and production that takes into account the design FMEA and manufacturing process FMEA outputs.

The control plan shall
- list the controls used for the manufacturing process control,
- include methods for monitoring of control exercised over special characteristics (see defined by both the customer and the organization,
- include the customer-required information, if any, and
- initiate the specified reaction plan (see when the process becomes unstable or not statistically capable.

Control plans shall be reviewed and updated when any change occurs affecting product, manufacturing process, measurement, logistics, supply sources or FMEA (see 7.1.4).
To me this only points to the production processes. Until I read your post I had never thought of doing control plans for any other processes in the company.

Bill Ryan - 2007

I also feel the requirement only applies to the manufacturing processes. I can see where the document could become pretty unweildly if all the support areas were to be included. Also, Sales, Maintenance, Quality and the rest need to, at times, do some "pretty fancy footwork" that the Control Plan could "bog down".