Do we have to do strategic planning?



Charlie Cianfrani said in Quality Conversatons in May 21, 2002 that "Quality objectives have to align with business objectives. The idea was to have business objectives, strategic planning, coming into having the quality function integrated into the fabric of the organization and via the objectives group, which now get through policy into objectives that get deployed across the entire organization."
What is your opinion? Do we have to have strategic planning?

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I agree Jim. I've been telling everyone here to think of the system only in terms of what we need in place to operate this buisiness successfully. I tell them that the only additional requirements are those mandated by our customers. Since we have customers that require ISO certification, it must be dealt with as well as any other customer specific requirements.



Business Objectives and Strategic Planning

From a strict ISO 9001 standpoint, strategic planning (whatever that is) is not required. Quality objectives, on the other hand are required. Can I determine quality objectives without strategic planning?…I think so. Would it be wise? Maybe yes, maybe no. Certainly, as Jim and Eileen have indicated, it probably would not be beneficial to develop ‘quality objectives’ in a vacuum. I think TS bears this out better than ISO.


My opinion....

Hi Everybody,

To me strategic planning is of essential importance, because if you don't know where your going how are you going to survive...

Within our company we periodically look at the surrounding (competitive forces model, Porter) as wel as looking at the internal processes (value chain)...and see what our strategie must be to be competitive and in the end be the best in the business...

When we look at our internal processes we look at every business function and see what we can which we use objectives...this also can mean quality objectives...for example..if we look at the R&D we want to reduce the designfaults per project....This is actually an business objective and a quality objective at the same time....

S_warin this is my opinion on the subject of strategic planning...
I have a question for you....what's your opinion on strategic planning do you find it necessary?



Strategic planning

Dear Martin,
At the moment I think the quality managment system itself is the strategic plan. Strategy is what you would like to achieve. Tactic is what and how you do to achive it. If you are on one side of the road and would like to be on the other side of the road. You see yourself overthere. This is what you would like to achieve. How and what to do the be on the other side of the road? Many ways and means. You choose one you think the most appropriate. In QMS you have the vision (policy). You have the objectives. (What you would like to achieve). You have plans to do the works.

Jim Biz

Hmmmm ? been awhile since Ive been here at the Cove - this thread begs me to ask a couple of semi-clear folowups to the origional question.

1) If we dont need a plan BUT have identified our chosen measurable OBJECTIVES - without one - how did they get there and on what basis do I prove they are applicable to the organization?? and (IF I can do that somehow) -- what will we do with the measured results?

2) If the measurable objectives are supposed to drive Measurable improvements and we have essensially no plan (or a structure for one) in place - how does that work ??
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M Greenaway

Isnt there a clause on quality planning - call it strategic planning if you wish !


Planning in clause 5.4 of ISO 9001 is difference from planning in clause 7.1. Clause 7.1 is the planning of product realization while planning in clause 5.4 is the organization's strategic planning.
What is you opinion?:)



Planning in clause 5.4 of ISO 9001 is difference from planning in clause 7.1

5.4.1 mentions "quality objectives, including those need to requirments for product [see 7.1a)].

This tells me that 5.4.1 is dealing with two levels of objectives. You have the global objectives; zero defects, 100% on-time deliveries, etc. The second level is the product level objectives, which are outlined in 7.1.

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Warin makes a good analogy! And Martin's comments are on the mark as well.

Too many companies out there don't make strategic plans. They live day to day without ensuring their futures. While you don't have to make them if you don't want to, you make the statement that your not here to stay in business.

E and Jim are also right, IMO: making the distinction between business and quality objectives is unhelpful and destructive. Keep it simple: do what is right for the system and its components. Organizations have limited resources (most anyway), so pick the objectives that are helpful to the system.

Just my nickels worth...

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