Fresh Coffee - An Introduction

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Good morning,

I thought the best way to introduce myself would be to start a new pot of coffee.

I'm Dan, and I specialize in testing for compliance to codes & standards requirements applicable to the medical devices our company designs & develops. Organizational changes have put me in a position where I am required to get our test lab compliant with IEC 17025, and obtain accreditation. This challenge is beyond anything I've been responsible for in the past, yet I feel I can do it. I have already found this site to be a great source of information, and look forward to becoming a regular member.

Have a great day everyone, and enjoy your coffee.


Atul Khandekar

Good evening and Welcome to the Cove, Dan!
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Well howdy there Dan. :bigwave: I'm having coffee right now, thank you.

You'll enjoy you visits, lot's of good folks here (except for Lucinda, Energy and Jim Wade)

I was born in the little village of Evansville, just to your Southwest a ways, now I'm in CA (it was only 74 yesterday...Brrrrrr).

Jimmy Olson

Hi Dan and welcome to the cove :bigwave:

As mentioned already, there a lot of good people here, but as with any group, there are some not so good people. But that will be up to you to decide on your own. Don't be scared of anyone just because someone else is pissed off at them. You will learn who everyone is and come to learn the personalities and attitudes of everyone. As long as you can look past the people who are bitter or upset and filter that out, you will be able to get a lot of great advice and assistance here. Don't be afraid to ask any questions.


:agree: Glad to see a new member besides myself. I have been lurking in the past and have noticed some head butting. Still is the best Quality web-site in the world thanks to Marc.


Thanks for the welcome folks. I will share with you one of my hobbies. I am a moderator for an outdoor bulletin board such as this. I am very well aware of having the good, the bad, and (the ugly can't be seen). My love for the outdoors includes canoeing & camping, and hunting & fishing. I have a lot of fun volunteering to be a moderator for the website, and sharing stories of my outdoor adventures.

I am thankful for this website being here as it pertains to my work. Kind of ironic. The outdoor site is a labor of love, but this site is a love of labor - NOT! Well, like a lot of folks, I have to work to support my outdoor habits.

Glad to meet you all. Have a great day, wherever you are.



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Hey Dan and welcome to the Cove.

Our fine Host is Marc, who runs this whole nutty mess because he is the most dedicated Quality Professionals!!!!!!

Marc, what a great idea. How about a new sticky thread for newcomers to introduce themselves.

Dan & Sirlard,

Welcome to the Cove, both of you. :bigwave: :bigwave:

As for the headbutting Sirlard describes: Yes unfortunately it happens sometimes, but we have a few moderators around (myself included), and we try to put a stop to anything untoward as soon as we see it.

Nice coffee, Dan.. Thank's.



Nothing wrong with a little headbutting.

The trick is to make sure you are one of the heads.

Welcome to the Cove.

What a great idea Carol - I hope Marc picks it up.



Good morning again. It's Friday folks!!! I have found on our outdoor website that a place to share a cup of coffee and talk about anything is a pretty popular forum. Most new members are a little shy, and not quite sure where to jump in. A coffee forum, or in our case a "Campfire" serves as our watering hole you might say, and new members often post their first comments there.

Since this site is work related, maybe you can call your new forum "The Break Room".

Have a great day everyone.
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