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Portland Dan

Hello Everyone,

I am new to this site. I am currently working on creating barcodes for our human product. I have seen information on the National healthcare Reimbursement Number but can't quite figure it out. We create Brachytherapy products for Prostate Cancer Treatment that have a reimbursement from the US government. I see the AIs for Germany (710), France (711), Spain (712), and nnn (placeholder?) Is there an AI for the US? Is it needed? I am kind of flying blind and trying to figure this out without any real Regulatory background. Any info on the use of the NHRN for products manufactured and distributed in the US would be greatly appreciated. I have found references to it in the GS1 info but all seems so vague when it comes to creating one that does not need to ship to Germany, France, Spain, or Brazil.

Thank you, Dan
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Re: GS1 NHRN AIs - Creating Barcodes for Human Produc

A Quick Bump!

Can someone help Dan?

Thank you very much!!

Portland Dan

I just wanted to thank those here at Elsmar Cove. I have had my question answered by a person from GS1. It was incredibly simple now that I think about it. The National Healthcare Reimbursement number only applies to the listed countries; Germany, France, Spain, (and Brazil?). I couldn't find the US version because it does not exist.

Portland Dan

It's great knowing that there is a resource out there like this. It was very simple after all.My colleague in our Regulatory Dept. steered me this way. Thanks again. :bigwave:
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