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How does the ISO 9000 revision affect QS 9000 and VDA 6.1

How does the ISO 9000 revision affect QS 9000 and VDA 6.1?

Will QS 9000 and/or VDA 6.1 also be revised so that a similar, process model type format is followed?

Any assistance appreciated.


Conrod Mercer


As of right now, ISO 9000/2000 has no effect on QS 9000. The new standard that will impact QS 9000 is TS 16949. This standard is not required at this point, but is recommended if you are a tier one supplier to other auto industries besides the big three. Most of the Quality community feels that it will be mandatory in about three years.


I don't see a reason for changing VDA 6.1. Although VDA 6.1 is based on ISO 9000:1994, it is not structured like ISO 9000, so a new ISO 9000 structure won't affect VDA 6.1. I think that VDA 6.1 will follow the same road as QS9000, within three years it's over and then we have to go for the much more expensive TS. (I always thought the quality systems were meant to save money).
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