How many Cost of Quality addressed in ISO 9004?



I have just found only three places: --analysis of quality cost data; --Examples of financial measures include
-prevention and appraisal costs analysis,
-nonconformity cost analysis,
-internal and external failure cost analysis, and
-life-cycle cost analysis;

8.5.2 --.....the potential impact on such aspects as operation costs, cost of nonconformity, product performance......

Please help! Where else?


Add to Cost of Quality

Today I have found two places about CoQ in ISO 9004:

1 In 6.8 Financial resources...improving the effectiveness and efficiency of QMS can influence positively the financial results of the organization, for example
a) internally, by reducing process and product failures, or waste in material and time, or
b) externally, by reducing product failure, costs of compensation under guarantees and warranties, and costs of lost customers and markets;

2 In 8.4 Analysis of data...--economics of quality.

Is CoQ the subset of economics of quality? Where is another subset?

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