How to Verify Supplier I-9 Forms for ITAR Requirements



Our company is getting ISO certified as well as becoming ITAR compliant. One area that is a little gray to me is verifying supplier I-9s for any contractor working onsite. Does anyone have an example of a form or a procedure they use to verify this information? I have thought about sending a letter to our current contract suppliers that are in our building regularly just asking them to verify and keeping that on file. We have never received any inquiries similar to this and we do a lot of contracted service work. I'm just not sure how my suppliers are going to react to a letter asking them to provide I-9 verification for all employees.


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I believe that the I-9 is between the contractor and the contracting company. So it is their responsibility to verify the I-9 form. The customer company need only state in the PO that they require citizenship and ask the company to provide a copy of the "Maintain Company" page in e-Verify to prove they do verify citizenship. However, you will still need to check the individual contractors against the debarred/denied persons lists. Just like any other visitor.
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