ISO 9001 vs IATF 16949 vs VDA


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Some of this depends upon your customer - and their customer-specific requirements (CSRs). I'd suggest obtaining the customer-specific requirement from your customer(s) to determine if and where VDA methodology is a requirement. Some German customers - particularly VW group - refer to the mandatory use of VDA 6.3 certified auditors for 2nd party audit, VDA 6.5 for product audit amongst other requirements including product safety and warranty. IATF only cites examples of where VDA methodology could be used (i.e. clause regarding project management, Annexes). Don't forget that some OEMS belong to IATF, such as Ford and GM who's CSRs include a whole host of additional requirements to IATF 16949 which itself has many additional requirements over ISO 9001.

If you haven't already done so, get a copy of IATF 16949 and download the Sanctioned Interpretations, just to get a feel of the 'intensity'...


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Thanks, yes currently we do have some of the 5 quality tools in implementation for IATF such as PPAP, FMEA, APQP but have not gotten into the MSA, and SPC.

Yes, the customer is asking for more down-flow improvement of suppliers. We currently have a supplier quality plan in place but I am under the impression that IATF is much more in-depth.

Do you know much about VDA? From what I can gather there are 7 parts of the VDA 6 standard but certain standards apply to certain areas in automotive. VDA 6.1 is for manufactures, where as VDA 6.2 is for service companies. Which means, I think because we not only manufacture the units but have installation sites (which are ISO certified as well) these sites would fall under a VDA 6.2 scope but our main location falls under the 6.1 because we design and assemble.

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As to VDA, the standard that apply to you could be VDA 6.3. Some customers , especially automotive ones, can use that approach. Consider that there is also a Potential analysis that can be applied to a new supplier, in order to understand if this could ok for a new supply. There are several questions from P2 to P7 , with some rules . At the end of the assessment there is result.


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IATF has this free guide for non-IATF suppliers. It may help you get started.

In the "Attachment List" tab search: Minimum-Automotive-Quality-Management-System-Requirements-for-Sub-tier-suppliers-2ndEd-rev2
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