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Hello all,

Thsi is my first post of a likely number to come.:mg: I have been voluntold to get our business ISO registered by Sept 2013 and I have started the process off by putting together a plan to get to a practiced(used) quality system in place for build up of data by the end of the year (2012). I have reviewed a number of posts on this site (thank you for all the terrific information) to learn what has yieleded success and what has not worked out over time since the 2008 standard came about.

My first hurdle is generating a macro process map of "today" or "as is" processes even if they do not match the standard or are clearly short in terms of garnering any real control over the outputs of each process. I have a 10,000ft product realization map made but I find it troubling to use that to correllate it with the elements of the standard. Is this even needed, in otehr words do I need ot take today and match it up to some element of the standard to help my Process Owners understand what the outcome should be once we perform a gap analysis against the state of processes as they exist today? Please see the attached for my thus far view fo where we are today.

I should point out that we are a small company of 13 employees that sell control devices for industrial engine driven equipment. Our design input is limited to taking the off the shelf control elements (our parent company's design) and applying them to a complete assembly (added switches, button, lights, enclosure, etc.). So we are more of a technical sales business than anythign else. The process owners are generally one of the 13 people we currently employ and we are likley to use the ISO project as a means to structure the business for the future and the future efficiency we need to grow (which is already occurring at an alamring pace).

Any help you can offer is appreciated. :thanks:



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Welcome to the Cove BRocole!

I like your process map. :agree1: I don't think you will need to change a lot on it. I think it is doing what it could be reasonably expected to do.

From here you could make flow charts to map out what happens in the processes. Be sure to include decision points and what happens if the decision returns a negative (failed inspection, etc.)

From there you can make work instructions, if you need more detail. You can use the standard as a guide, but I would only do so to the extent of asking yourself if what you are doing fulfills the standard's text and intent. No need to follow the numbering conventions, though if you used the standard's numbering convention to put it all together and write your quality manual I wouldn't blame you.

Unless you are using some kind of enterprise software, you'll need some tools and forms for records. The header has a green button called Post Attachments List leads you to a page where you can do a search for attachments to look over, adapt for your own use, and maybe improve upon and share with us.

Please feel free to ask questions along the way, and remember that as soon as you do a series of related threads will appear at the bottom of your screen. That, along with the Search link in the blue toolbar (you can also search within forums to narrow your hunt) could give you a lot of specific information you are after.

We are with you!


I thank you for the input. I now have to get the process owners to generate their "as is" maps so we may go on to gap analysis. This one will be a bit tough but I hope to use some guidance on SIPOC to help them build their "as is" process maps with some layer of detail.

Jen Kirley

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You may find you want to work with them while generating these maps, as their output is likely to be very different from what you would produce. When I was sent to the HR people in Corporate to make turtle diagrams, I facilitated the process and they sat there, pie-eyed most of the time. They didn't really begin to understand what was going on until viewing the finished product.

They had, however already developed a very nicely detailed and presented HR process flow chart that I was very happy to see.
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