Management Review of the QMS (Quality Management System) - How often (Frequency)

How often does your organization perform its management review of its QMS?

  • Once per year

    Votes: 29 34.1%
  • Twice per year

    Votes: 20 23.5%
  • Four times per year or quarterly

    Votes: 14 16.5%
  • More than 4 times per year

    Votes: 16 18.8%
  • NA to me, but I'd like to see the poll results

    Votes: 6 7.1%

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I'm curious, how often does your organization perform its management review of the quality system? We perform ours monthly, which I argue is too frequent because we don't scrutinize the data well enough and there's a tendency to focus on short-term fluctuations of the graphs.

Craig H.

Hi, and welcome

How deep do these reviews go? Are they strategic, tactical..?

Please, more information.

We have it every 4:th week... But: We don't do a complete MR every time. We follow a schedule where all the dep. mgrs. have their "moment of glory" about twice a year.

Hi Jim,

Move towards review by process? Yes, at least if I get things my way.


I haven't been to the UK for a couple of years now, but sure I'll let you know when I do.

Craig H.

Yes, Smacker, that's pretty much what we do, as well.

Our 3rd party auditor, when asked about the subject, said that the meetings should be far enough apart so that trends could be spotted. He hinted that monthly meetings might be too close together for this.

The focus should be more strategic, rather than tactical. That is where upper management comes into play.


Brad Serangeli

I responded to the poll by saying once a year. That is our "formal" mgmt. review. But every month a report goes out to all of our exec. committe on product performance, returns, mfg. errors, inspection results, and etc. But here is a problem that I have. A couple months ago I questioned the fact about having our CFO as our mgmt. rep. I have been trying for the last three (3) months to get her and the other together for a "forma" mgmt. review but she is now getting caught up on her work from December. She could not do the meeting in December as scheduled due to financial close of the year. What I am wondering is can we change the formal date of the review to a date that is more flexible to the CFO without altering the effect of the QMS?


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I would say absolutely. You want the review to mean something, and if she can't do it in December due to other commitments, make it a time of year when she can give you her full attention.




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Monthly, quarterly, *and* annually...

We do a monthly Business Management System (above and beyond the requirements of ISO 9001:2000) where immediate concerns are addressed and Action Items issued.

There is a standard agenda to follow with some items being placed on a quarterly review only to allow us to present recent trends.

Once a year, just before our annual planning cycle begins, we do a complete BMS review including a summary of all data from the past year along with comparisons to previous years (where possible) to highlight areas of concern or continual improvement.

The monthly reviews take anywhere from 1 - 2.5 hours usually depending on the number of outstanding items. The annual review takes approximately 3 - 4 hours.

Randy Stewart

It's all about the system

By all means change the schedule Brad.
We ended up breaking our meetings up to 1 hr meetings weekly. Each month we have 1 meeting for Quarterly Reviews of Internal control Issues, Management Reviews and Capitol Budgeting. This worked for us for a few reasons one of which you have mentioned with the CFO. When we tried to get the President, CFO, VPs, etc. together for an annual meeting there always seemed to be something happening (vacations, customer meetings, etc.). We noticed that when a meeting was scheduled weekly it work into everyones schedule better plus you get into a habit of attending. An additional benefit was that a short meeting weekly was more flexible an easier to maintain. This method works for our organization, I'm not saying it will work for everyone.

Peter W

Management Review

We hold 4 per year, quarterly. However, one of those we specifically review the QMS set-up, the standard and the quality policy.

I must say that, valuable as it is, the format of the meetings involving 6 of us, tends to be an information sharing occasion; sometimes there is good discussion and debate with actions. Whilst I feel sure I'm not alone here, I often feel frustrated that more is not made of this opportunity...
Company is 20.

Time to review the Management Review! Any thoughts?

Peter W
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