Referencing the DMR (Design Master Record) in the PO



Hi all!

We outsource all of our manufacturing (one product) to one supplier. During our internal audit our consultant mentioned the following:

Product to be manufactured is not referenced by specification #, model # or DMR revision.

Does anyone have an example of their purchase order form which shows how the product is identified?




Re: Referencing the DMR in the PO

Don't have a PO, but it could be as simple as Medical Device, Model A, Rev. D. The purpose is to make sure you are both on the same page.

I got an order with a similar description once for a Rev. 2 versions in the past. It was flagged and that is what they actually wanted as a replacement. In your case it is more to protect both of you in case you changed you DMR for a part and didn't keep them in the look.

If like some organizations change your part number with every change, just a part number would be required because you process would show it was unique and traceable.


we release PO to our suppliers in two categories

1. if regular supplier then we indicate the item no , revision status and rev date

2. if he is job order supplier we will send the drawing along with PO
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