Struggling With Writing PA (Preventive Action) Procedure


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You can also take a look at (broken link removed) what are the expectations related to preventive actions in the future (the substitution of PA for a risk-based approach to the whole QMS).

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Hi Brian,

Thanks for sharing your PA procedure. It's very straightforward and simple enough to use. I also like how the table has provided the means of verification for the resulting preventive actions. :agree1:

You're welcome....always glad to hear that something I did helped someone else out.

We're on the same page, I'd created a similar matrix which also included ongoing CI efforts and standing meetings which also serve as CA/PA opportunities. I attached it as an Appendix to the procedure, and updated the procedure to indicate these were examples of existing PA efforts.

We'll see what the registrar thinks tomorrow, at least there's something there for review now....

Do you happen to have any updates on what your registrar thought of your PA procedure? I'm actually curious to see if they suggested any improvements on your end, and what they were.

Brian :rolleyes:
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