Supplier performance/100%on time del.


Debra Woodford

Looking for some help on tracking supplier performance/On time delivery. Also in tracking our own on time delivery. Just three of the areas that we were found nonconforming in during our Pre assessment last week.
thanks for the help


I am in the processing of developing subcontractor performance to be in compliance with QS. We made it threough assessment over a week ago, and did not take any hits for this, but it was not smooth sailing, and I still have a long way to go.
To track your own on-time delivery, you need someone to give you a list of the lates every month-preferably someone from shipping. To track your suppliers on-time delivery, you need to come up with a system; decide how ling they have to et the product to you on time and go from there. Hope this was helpful.


Performance is the tough one. Time conssuming but can be done. Track your suppliers PPM; if they have nonconforming prtoduct; write them up and demand corrective action. This document will enable you to track how many pieces they scrap, how many they produce will need to be tracked another way. I am still learning as I go, so I will stop here and see what ideas others have. Good luck!

Tom Goetzinger

Talk to your IS person. Most computer systems can be made to generate reports providing the type of information that you are looking for. Be careful to validate the information to insure that it is as correct and valid as possible. If possible, make your measurements as objective as possible and have the backup detail available to support the summaries.
Having said that, be very careful how you use the information. Accurate, objective information makes an excellent TOOL to be used to identify opportunities for improvement. That same information can be very dangerous when used as a WEAPON to beat on supplies or internal departments.
I know from experience that a supplier's performance summary can be very misleading, so it must be used carefully, thoughfully, and with a true understanding of the circumstances surrounding it.
Be careful who you share information with until you really understand it. I've seen executives make unfortunate decisions based on information they did really not understand.

Kevin Mader

One of THE Original Covers!
I'm with Tom on this. This would provide an easier route as the reporting system exists (hopefully anyway).

Debra Woodford

Thank you all for your help and quick response. I will forward this information to our purchasing agent, & S & R manager. I am sure they will be very greatful for the help. I am really impressed with this form of interactive "help line" This whole thing can really get confusing, and sometime it just takes reading it in black & white from another source to get it to click.
Thanks again Deb
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