Which Auto Companies Require Color Vision Test?


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I can't for the life of me find which ones require employees dealing with color to have evidence of completing a Color Eye/ Vision Test. Does a specific test need to be performed or is a color blindness test sufficient (as opposed to a hue test).

Tests I'm referring to: Farnsworth Munsell, Ishihara Color Blindness, etc.

There was at least one that stated the frequency the test needed to be performed (pretty sure it was every 7 years and 5 if you were over a certain age).

For reference, we're a small industrial paint company.


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I used to work for a company that provided interior plastic parts to Ford for certain vehicles that required a hue matching meeting every month. Our personnel were required to pass the Fransworth Munsell anually. That was in 2018.


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We do finishing here and as rule perform the Ishihara once a year with our paint departments. As a side note i fail it so i have to carry the answers with me on a notepad everytime otherwise they could tell me anything.
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