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Hi all, i am a new user on these elsmar forums and i feel so lucky to find here. I am working in a sewing company as a quality engineer that where fabrics are sewed to the OEM. ( Actually we look like; Tier 2 ).

Our customer is not following our PPAP & APQP processes carefully. I have been working for this company for 11 months but i still do not know how to fill PPAP or APQP. We got a education around six months ago but it was not so effective and educator just told the topics and then left. Therefore i tried to learn these topics by myself only. I am gaining experience and i am planning to make a future on the quality. I really like finding some efficient methods and improvement methods.

Even i read too many topics and pdf files about the PPAP & APQP and even i understand mainly, still when i open a file like PSW or CP; they make me so confused.

My question is; theoretically yes , know too many things but i do not know anything about practise. How can i know? How can i know which areas should be filled when i open PSW file.

I am open for all advices to learn these methods. Have a good day all.
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PSWs are generally one page summary of PPAP, which should be signed off from customer.

PSWs should include following (Minimum):
1.Applicable safety and regulatory requirements (If any)
2. Part details (Name, Number, Modification level, modification date)
3. Reason for submission (New part / modified / change in process / complaint, etc.)
4. Submission level (PPAP submission levels)
5. [email protected] (Production rate)
6. Vendor code
7. Which submission results are included in PPAP (Dimensional results, materials test, functional tes, etc. results reports)
8. Purchase order details
9. Contact details (With address)
10. Etc.



Actually, my concerns are related with all APQP & PPAP. I know them all theoritically but about how to fill i am really weak.

1- APQP is a process of project but what should be filled and how? My concerns which documents will be provided by customer and which ones will be provided by my own company and related departments?

2-PPAP should be in APQP or not? I know it is the last step. What is PPAP? Can we explain it with only PSW file?

Have a good day..


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OK - APQP is the over process.

Let’s take a close look at what APQP is. Note that it is not specific to product and process development and introduction alone. The last ‘Phase’ is ongoing production. This said, it is evident that despite the insinuation in the name (advanced planning) the APQP process addresses a continuous system from RFQ (Request for Quote) to the end of product life.

PPAP is a part of APQP - See Wikipedia reference-linkProduction_part_approval_process.

Your PSW (Part Submission Warrant) is just a form you complete and submit.

Some help:

Part Submission Warrant - Customer Requirements for PSW Submission

Better Understanding of PSW (Part Submission Warrant)

Have you by any chance gone through the APQP slides?


Before anything begins you need a released print and a requirements form (PQR) from the customer. This notice from the customer will let you know the PPAP due date, how many samples are needed, what PPAP level you should submit to, etc.

I look at the PPAP as the conclusion to the APQP process.

APQP is all about advanced planning and it is not a one-person job. In our APQP meeting we have a representative from quality, engineering and production. More if needed.

The meeting is short - maybe 10 minutes. Everybody is informed of the event, due dates, etc. and then we break.

The engineer assigns a number to each feature on the print, creates a process flow, then creates a numbered op sketch for each step in the manufacturing process flow.

The quality engineer orders gages (which should have been quoted during the quoting process) and completes the FMEA, control plan and inspection sheets.

Once done, the engineer and quality reps meet and review/approve the FMEA & control plan.

The engineer schedules a PPAP job, quality checks the samples and records all features.

Copies of everything listed above, + material and processing certs are put together into a PPAP packet. The Part Submission Warrant (aka PSW or WARRANT) is completed except for the bottom section (this is completed by the customer when they approve your warrant and then return the signed PSW to you)

That's it in a nutshell. Hope it answers some of your questions.
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