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ISO 9001 Registered Football Team


Captain Nice
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Subject: Re: Q: ISO 9000 and football/Crosta/Farrugia
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 08:33:33 -0600
From: ISO Standards Discussion

From: "Mr. F.E.Farrugia"
Subject: Re: Q: ISO 9000 and football/Crosta/Farrugia

I heard that Middlesborough (English Premier Division) are ISO 9000 registered. Please check.

> From: Fabrizio Di Crosta -
> Does someone know anything about ISO 9000 in football (soccer) team?
> Fabrizio

barb butrym

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The Brits have it down pretty well....use it where we wouldn't ever think...and it works !!! Been able to see that first hand....the UK audits I have done were quite an enlightening experience.

We are leagues behind.


Captain Nice
Staff member
Blast from the Past...

Does anyone know of any sports teams which have gone through the ISO 9001 implementation and registration process?
I haven't looked for any other teams but can confirm that Middlesborough FC are registered. Further info is available on their website.

Antonio Vieira

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We had teh idea of implemeting ISO 9001 at Benfica here in Portugal some years ago. But than the President changed, and all went off...
But it's a nice work and not very easy. We have to deal with completly different people... :lol:


Re: ISO Registered Football Team???

I don't know how Middlesborough qualified.
If you take the goalkeeper as the process 1 and strikers as process 11, they move from the first process to the last and miss out all of the central processes.
Anyone who saw them play in Europe last year must agree surely?


Re: ISO 9001 Registered Football Team???

The Mexican Football Federation (FMF) soccer team, Monarcas Morelia, has earned 9001:2000 registration for its Basic Forces (youth seed team), administration and stadium.

Antonio Vieira

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Re: ISO 9001 Registered Football Team???

If we think a little over this subject, we may expect an interesting work.
Considering that the scope of the registration of a soccer team could be for example, the selling of football games, we’ll have interesting areas of the system.
Imagine just ISO 9001 requirement 7.4 Purchasing...
For example the selection of suppliers in the case of those guys that are “selling” the players... (in this case, the most dirty the business is the better...)
Should we consider as a “Criteria for selection, evaluation, and re-evaluation” of the supplier the amount of money he pays to the President of the club in each plays transfer...
Imagine what we can write in the purchasing information when we want to buy a midfielder that is fast, but he plays also well with his head... – how can we do the correct “verification of the purchased product”..., it will be at least funny to work with different people...
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