Key Process Indicators (KPIs) for ISO 9001:2000-certified Service Organization



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I am the Quality Assurance Specialist for a govt contractor company whose services provide: Design and development of hardware and software for data acquisition services (sustaining engineering, as well), Operations and Maintenance, Information Systems Services and Multimedia Support to Govt Agencies and Commercial Companies. Support includes: Program Management, Contract Management, Human Resources, Security, Safety, Training and of course, Quality Assurance.

I am just started to discover the world of KPIs after a SharePoint class. As a process improvement, we will start posting KPIs on our SharePoint server this coming year. Can you suggest a few KPIs that would be value-added to our service provision? Thanks so much. :bigwave::thanks:


Big Jim

You can start by reading clause 8.4 from ISO 9001:2008. It provides a great hint about the overall subjects for quality objectives and KPI. 8.4 requires that you determine, collect, and analyze data for customer satisfaction, product quality, process performance (for which on-time delivery is often used as an overall measure), and supplier performance.


I will recommend just one thing:

Before going to the typical (and usually complicated KPIs) start with short term/interim KPIs that meet your short term goals (e.g. definition of KPIs for all processes :) ), once you have successfully monitored and control them move to the next level.
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