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Personnal Employee Gages in Tool Room




We are a large Manufacturing facility with our own tool room. I would like to know how others addressed the following ?

4.11.2 NOTE: "inspection, measuring and test equipment" includes equipment in tooling departments used to qualify or maintain production tools regardless of ownership.

I'm refering to employee owned micrometers, vernier calipers, dial indicators.

Thanks in advanced.

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Quite simply actually...

They were added to our "Calibration List" and they are calibrated at the prescribed intervals. They are treated just like any other inspection device except that the ownership is listed as the employee (as well as their location.)

Also, if the employee is not using each day, they are told not to bring them in. If they opt not to bring their own in, they are required to inform QC/QA so that the list may be revised accordingly.

No muss, no fuss. If they do not agree to have them under Calibration Control - they are told to get them out of the facility or otherwise have them labeled as "not for calibration" which effectively will render them useless for use as "pass/fail" devices.


Jim Biz

Yep Andys got our system described as well --- the only thing we do that May be different is that we identify "personally owned gages" and "company owned gages/equipment" just a bit differently when we apply the identification stickers that match the calibration data base.

0-1" mic number 111-01 identifies the first of a set of gage equiptment that man number 111 owns.

identify "company owned equipment" with the initials of the company and a sequence number

0-4" mic abc-005 is the fifth gage owned by the company.

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B. Maynard

Very Simple,
Have the personal gages listed on a data base and give each employee a excel SS with their gages listed.
Have them calibrate their gages on their Birthday! Review and update the data base.
(By the way Just certified QS-9000 on 3/10/2000)
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They don't have to put stickers or any thing else on gages. I have the examples if any one wants them.
Lets be realistic. Toolmakers are skilled Technicians and have more experience then 99.9 % of those who calibrate.

Jim Biz

Bill - Glad it works that way for you - our only problem here (ISO not QS) is that many of our folks are not "highly skilled toolmakers" they rely on us to provide them with assistance for calibration... Do we "Need" the stickers - as unique identification probably not - we could use the manufacturs tool numbers for most all of them but it make sense for us...- we do our calibration increments on a more than one year basis due to various time period usage... the stickers are dated - an up-front obvious way to let them know if a single gage is in need of a look over..


B. Maynard

Dealing again with personal gages.
When we have someone (Apprentice) or not highly skilled!!!!!! We have detailed calibration procedures for all gages which we train them to do calibration (They are issued Certificates). Again this is in-process gaging - not gaging which affects the Final Product. I think the old Henry F___D theory " Move on if you don't agree," is not the way to handle items. We need to improve on the methods instead of using 30 year old practices to do things.
Of course all of are different in Methods.
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