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VDA AIAG FMEA - Slides for Quality Audience

Hello Cove - Looking for some slides/content that explains VDA AIAG FMEA approach vs. existing 4th edition AIAG. In hopes of not re-creating content that others have done before, I wanted to ask if anyone has found anything helpful in that regard. Something like "Cliff's Notes". We have CSRs from 3 customers, and none have "YET" required the new VDA AIAG approach, but our internal IATF quality subject-matter expert focus group (mix of technical management and other quality managers/engineers) wants to understand more about it and how it is different from 4th ed. If I don't need to start from scratch that would help. Need to give a 20-30 min talk on the subject.



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AIAG/VDA’s FMEA Manual Is a Major Advance | Quality Digest discusses the approach, and I have a 90 minute slide show on this (PFMEA only).
Hi Bill, excellent article. Thank you for sharing. I too would be interested in seeing your slide show on the new AIAG & VDA FMEA guidelines. We are a tier 2 automotive component supplier and happen to be working to revamp our PFMEA system at the moment.

We are starting to create "generic" FMEAs which we hope will be more effective in storing historical failure modes. (see Carlson, Carl S. Effective FMEAs: Achieving Safe, Reliable, and Economical Products and Processes Using Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, 2012, p. 272)

We figure this may be the right time for us to make the switch to the new guidelines.
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