Auditing 6.4 Work Environment



Re: Leading to the next question

db said:

What is the auditor’s obligation when they see something that they know is unlawful? Are they obligated to report it to the appropriate authorities, or are they prohibited from doing so?

The phrases "Accessory after the fact" and "professional negligance" come to mind, but are they applicable?

Does anyone know what RAB, IRCA, IATCA, etc. have to say about this issue? (I hope these organisations have some position on these issues). What about Registrars?


Roger Eastin

I have heard it said that ISO9001 auditors are NOT doing regulation compliance audits. This is the business of the federal, state or local authorities. If there is a clear violation of the company's procedure, then that could be a non-compliance. I think there are liability ramifications here for the registrar if their auditors start doing regulatory compliance audits.
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